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eart of gale academe
eart of gale academe
about us
❝ perfectum. virtus. oculus autem tempestas. ❞
― latin: perfection. vigor. we are the eye of the storm.

heart of gale academe caters only to the elite and the most excellent. stationed at the heart of seoul, the city of dreams, heart of gale academe stands tall and proud, boasting of absolute excellency and perfection among the students. as a government-sanctioned co-ed private city-center university with boarding facilities, this academe was founded in order to develop and research the talents and intelligence of the exceptional elite.

the most excellent are scouted by the university itself. however, those who are not, may take the entrance exam in order to get into the university, along with paying a reservation fee of [redacted]. to those who cannot pay the reservation fee, they must present grades that will not fall below an a-. thrice an academic year, the university holds a lottery for names to be accepted into the academe―excellent or not. it is the academe's way of opening its doors to people who are lucky enough to win a lottery, as this is also considered a talent. after all, luck is an important part of life.

becoming an alumnus of this university will guarantee a life of a successful career. with its outstanding reputation and first-rate education, the academe offers a promising future to its students, building a society of young leaders who will not only help to improve the country, but also bring about a better place for the others to live in.
rules & guidelines
favoriting is mandatory, otherwise your application will be rejected. upvotes are not required unless you're planning to get another chara, but it is very much appreciated.
please check the masterlist before commenting the full name. only faceclaims of asian descent are allowed. we are not allowing people born in 2001 and later, therefore no minors. you may tweak your character's age up and down by four years. reservations only lasts for 24 hours.
for majors, minors, and extracurriculars, be sure to check the list under the basics tab. if your choices are not found in the lists, feel free to suggest it to us. if you're applying as a scholar, please state it anywhere in your application. Year levels range from freshmen to senior and graduate studies (masters and doctorate).
inactivity is set up to 8 days. be mindful that if you get an inactivity warning and you post on your own wall to clear it, we will give you a strike. this is a socmed based rp, posting in the chatroom once in a while wouldn't cost you much.
other than interacting in the sns', you are encouraged to have threads and use the rooms. we will not be giving you a thread requirement upon joining but please, do interact with everyone.
no one-on-one and bubble roleplaying. plotted relations are obviously fine but for the love of god, be inclusive :---) and don't be selective with people. dating ban will only be lifted up upon two weeks of joining and two active threads.
this roleplay relies on points. character and username changes, hiatuses, additional characters and residences will cost you. There are many ways to obtain points too. rooms can be requested in the designated room, tagged to the assigned admin. only private residences will have a price.
the chatroom is observed in character, therefore, you must post according to how your character is built to be. do not take matters out of character. oh, and the drowssap is your character's username. if a certain post offends you, please report to an admin and avoid publicizing the problem.
following the previous rule, ooc drama is strictly prohibited. if you have issues with certain roleplayers, please settle your drama in pm's. you will only be given one warning. the second time you cause ooc trouble within the roleplay, you will be removed at once.
we're not limiting you with ic drama but make sure that triggering plots are discussed with both parties. keep mature content in walls, pm's, and rated rooms. add a warning to your post if it involves sensitive topics to avoid bothering or disturbing people unintentionally.
you can get up to three characters. we encourage that you'd only get your second after you have stayed for awhile in the roleplay since your requirement for another chara is a blogpost and the price to pay. the blogpost must be your character promoting their own school. ooc and ic, you must give heart of gale academe a rating from 1 to 5. click here for an example and here for the format. thirds can be obtained through an upvote, points to pay, and at least 3 active threads with both your characters.
price and rules for hiatuses are stated in the hiatus room, and so requesting for one is also done there. comment for a character change. Once the faceclaim is changed, the points will be deducted and the character will be put on a two-week cc ban.
a profile layout is given upon joining. you can change it if you want just make sure to have it up within 48 hours. you don't need to have your full background already, just have the necessary details filled up.
lastly, follow all these rules and ignite your muse here in heart of gale academe. we hope to see you in the upcoming semester!
heart of gale academe opening! welcome, students, and we wish you a memorable experience in your time here. happy birthday to jung jaehyun and jung jinsoul!
wintertide charity ball - an annual event held by the jung lawfirm in lieu of a christmas party. come and join us!
wintertide charity ball ends! thank you for participating.
we got featured! thank you, babies!
event here.
jung jinsoul
year level
major & minor (1 for each)
law ; psychology
read the rules


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fallenheart 2 weeks ago
Sorry but Lalisa had to take her leave :(
bulgguki 3 weeks ago
sorry, jisun took her leave!
cantabile 1 month ago
could i get byun jungha please?
savant 1 month ago
could i get na jaemin, please?
scampi 1 month ago
would you kill me if I asked for a third
emma-swan 1 month ago
Hi please a&r Jang Seungyeon for me thank you <3
Congrats on the upvotes!
bulgguki 1 month ago
congrats on the upvote <3
Oxytocin 1 month ago
Hi, I think I'm interested in joining but I'm curious, are there any types of students you are in need of rn?
pearlynights 1 month ago
kim jungwoo pls n thank uu <33
he_LIos 1 month ago
Do you have lee jae wook aldy? If no can you add and reserve him?
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