Wonderland~♡ Home of the HAESICA // NON!AU ❝ a place where we thrive to make your stay wonderful, friendly and nice ❞

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Welcome to Wonderland~♡ where we thrive to make your stay wonderful, friendly and nice. Where you'll hopefully meet some wonderful, nice, and cool people. Make some friends or just enjoy your time here in this relaxing place. 

We hope to see you soon as part of our #ChillFamily!
Girls — 0031
Boys — 0030
House Rules
Favorite the rp, upvotes aren't required but they are very much loved. Make sure to comment your desired chara's full name. Also, take note note that reservations are held for only 48 hours.
This is a non-au rp so here you are indeed idols. You may crack, you may rp your chara however you want, but please rp them responsibly. No deaths, no , no drugs and no any forms of violence.
First 2 characters are free, however, they must be from a different group. You may request for a 3rd, given that both your 1st and 2nd reached 300 points each. We will allow up to 4 charas per rper for now, for the 4th one, kindly read the second to the last rule.
Password: Wndrlnd. All orientations are allowed. You may also request for an actor, actress, soloist. No internationals for now.
Inactivity is set for 7 days and you'll receive a warning to which you'll need to respond in 48 hours or you'll be automatically kick-out. You may reapply as your chara but please make sure to stay active cause the 2nd instance your chara goes inactive, it'll be an automatic kick-out + your chara will be free for anyone else to grab as this gives us a mindset that you just maybe hogging a chara. You can always request for a semi or full hiatus if busy and can't post anything for 7 days.
We are implementing a point system where in your chara must have reached at least 50 points during your first 48 hours of stay here. If your chara failed to reach 50 points, you'll be kicked out without a warning. This applies when getting an alt, so make sure to reserve and rp those you have muse on.
Strictly no face chasing. Try your best to talk to everyone. We want this place to be friendly and make everyone feel welcome and involved.
There is no age limit but no ualizing the under age idols please. Anyone caught ualizing the minors will be given a warning on the first instance, automatic kick-out on the second time. Also, any M-rated activities are to be kept on walls or pms only.
Dating ban is seven days. Meaning, your chara must not be involved in any dating or relationship with another chara for seven days from the time your chara joined the rp. Move-in couples are welcome, just make sure to indicate it on the app form.
Absolutely no ooc drama please. By ooc drama, we mean that if you had issues with another rper before or a.k.a outside of this rp, it would be nice not to bring the drama here because fighting or any forms of bullying will not be tolerated. You'll be given a 1st and final warning on the 1st instance if caught talking about ooc drama or bringing it up, automatic kick-out if you did it again.
When leaving the rp, kindly pm one of the admins. Take note as well that we will not keep character profiles, we'll delete them unless you requested not to be deleted. No reservations forever, tho.
In order to get a 4th chara, you will need to make a blog post about Wonderland. First three characters must have reached 300 points each. Also, make sure to keep all your alts active.
Lastly, the rules are subject to change, so please make sure to read it from time to time. If you have questions or concerns, you may pm the admins. Hope to see you soon!
Full Name — Park Chaeyoung.
Group — Blackpink.
Orientation — Straight, gay, demi, aual, biual, etc.
Timezone — Gmt+ 8.
Password — Make sure to read the rules, thank you!
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Thank you for joining our #ChillFamily!
Co Admin Donghae — 
Short message from admins. At least two to three lines is enough.
Co Admin Tzuyu — 
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nunchii 22 hours ago
Oonf- dropping Kwang bc I realize I could use him much hh
Crixus 2 days ago
Aye I’ll be Wu yifan thanks!
wassowasso 2 days ago
taeyeon as my third please?
nunchii 3 days ago

Can I?
risenshine 3 days ago
kim chaewon pleathe
maya_carter12 4 days ago
Kim Yerim pls
nunchii 4 days ago
Please keep Jin and Kwang to the side for a bit. Will come back in a day or so. Sorry for the abruptness.

Much love as always.
CandyKeignHotChoco 5 days ago
Is Park Jihoon still available? :3
seagulll 5 days ago
seagulll 5 days ago
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