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He drew the dagger and laid it on the table between them; a length of dragonbone and Valyrian steel,
as sharp as the difference between right and wrong, between true and false, between life and death.
Centuries ago did the four greatest kingdoms of our world— Kronos, Myrador, Zoraq, and Aeris— live in chaos, battling against each other for resources and power, suffering in the state of absolute savagery. That was until they each took down their arms and gathered together for a single eve of peace without violence or treacherous death. It was then in which their valiant kings who had fought for so long finally came to form the Treaty of Harmony, officially beginning a new age. The kingdoms thrived, becoming rich and powerful in their own unique ways without fear of being attacked by their neighbors.

Yet that was not enough for King Helias of Kronos. He had gone mad with greed over the years of Kronos’ success and lusted to conquer the remainder of the four great kingdoms for himself. Thus, for the first ever time, Kronos broke the Treaty of Harmony and invaded their neighboring kingdom of Zoraq. The long fight dragged on for three exasperating whole weeks as the two fierce armies battled against each other in what has famously become known as The Battle of Perfidy. On the final day, King Helias was brutally assassinated while resting further away from the battlefield. It is believed the assassin was a Zoraqi infiltrator, though some have suspected the killer was of another origin.

No matter who caused the downfall of King Helias, Kronos pulled back from battle and retreated, leaving Zoraq the victor yet with many innocent lives lost. This betrayal was the flickering flame which has ignited our previously peaceful lands to once again fight in the merciless Imperial War. Choose a side and pray on the stars it shall be a victorious one.
Welcome to Imperium, a fantasy au opened on 2020 January 1st. Come revel in the rich kingdoms and endless lores today.
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1. Favorite the roleplay before applying. Upvotes are only mandatory if you would like to get a second character.
2. OC (original characters) are encouraged. You may choose a different name for your character than your faceclaim, but it is not necessary. Internationals allowed. Check faceclaims list before reserving.
3. We are a heavily events based. Participation in events is not mandatory, but extremely encouraged because many events will be interactive and may change the course of events for the main plot of the roleplay. Check our FAQ page and all other rooms under the info section.
4. Supernatural beings, species, and abilities are allowed. DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS OVERPOWERED, WITHOUT WEAKNESSES, OR GODMOD. There is a strict limit; maximum of 3 powers/abilities allowed per character and you must have at least 2 weaknesses to counteract your abilities. We encourage you to be creative and think of what limits your abilities have (aside from the weaknesses).
5. Again, check every room under the info section! Note that royal court positions might be stolen, overthrown, voted in/out, lost, etc. during our events and the royals are subject to change.
6. Inactivity is set to 10 days. You will receive 2 warnings to get active again before being removed from your character and leaving them up for grabs. Pm an admin if you need hiatus or semi-hiatus. Hiatus lasts 3 weeks, semi-hiatus lasts 5 weeks. DO NOT COMMENT ON THE ROLEPLAY IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF HIATUS OR LEAVING. PM AN ADMIN INSTEAD.
7. No OOC drama or bullying. Do not fight or bring your drama to the public chats. If you cannot settle your differences civilly and privately, you will receive a warning from the admins. You receive only 2 warnings before being removed and blacklisted from the roleplay entirely. IC drama is allowed as long as it is plotted and/or all parties involved have consented.
8. Keep and other mature themes to rated rooms, walls, or pm. No ualizing minors (Anyone under 18). No dating ban. Move in couples allowed. Pregnancies and marriages allowed for character 18+. No mpreg or fempreg. The magic word you are looking to put in your application is reign.
9. Unlimited CCing. Costs 100 points and you must wait 5 days before CCing again. Second character costs an upvote, third costs a blog post advertisement for the roleplay. Be sure to provide the blog link when requesting your third. All requests must be made in the requests room, do not comment on the roleplay or make requests in the ooc room.
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Please read our FAQ page and check the rooms under info section! Below are some extra guidelines and suggestions to help you with your application and character building process.
note : if you have character ideas that are not stated on these lists, you feel uncertain of your character and are questioning if they follow our rules, please feel free to contact the admins and further discuss! we want to promote creative freedom at imperium, but given the nature of the rp we must have strict rules and guidelines to keep this place safe and organized. thank you.
01 : Supernatural Beings and Species
— what is allowed?
humans, witches, warlocks, wizards, vampires, elves, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies, ghouls, ghosts, spirits, goblins, ogres, leprechauns, dwarves (aka little people technically), giants, sprites, mermaids/mermen, selkie, sirens, banshees, pixies, nymphs, naiads, kelpie, dragons, phoenixes, kitsune, griffins, centaurs, minotaurs, harpy, hippogriff, unicorns, bigfoot, yeti, hydra, drake, probably any other animal type beings, gorgon, grim reaper or valkyrie (these can perhaps act as guides for spirits and those who have died, but cannot cause any deaths or take the lives of any characters besides some npc), incubus/succubus, demigods (please read the lore page to find out more. we are only allowing 4 demigod characters into the roleplay).

— what is not allowed? gods/goddesses, satans/devils, demons (this can be negotiated with admins depending on what type of demon the character is), angels, jinn/genies, any other deity or omni-powerful beings.
02 : Powers and Abilities
— what is allowed?
healing, health regeneration, invisibility, camouflage, wallcrawling, invulnerability/immunity (this has to be specific and not just being immune to all others’ powers automatically), anything related to the elements and earth, witchcraft and sorcery, sonic scream, siren song, echolocation, enhanced physical or mental strengths (again must be specific and not godmodding), flight, floating, technopathy, telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, mediumship, pro-cognition, clairvoyance, danger intuition, intangibility, portal creation, dark/light manipulation, weather manipulation, immortality, teleportation, illusions, magic, mimicry, morphing.

— what is not allowed? any overpowered or omni-powerful abilities, unfathomable powers, death touch/sight/anything that causes death, power manipulation (manipulating other people’s powers or having the ability to magically improve or change your own), power bestowal or negation (you can find creative ways to combat other character’s abilities than just magically being able to poof another character into being better or worse), metapotence, fourth wall breaking, time travel (this may be allowed in the future but it is too difficult to keep up with for now).
03 : Helpful Links
Fantasy Name Generators, has a bazillion random generators for fantasy or fandom-esque names and other things.

Medieval Occupations List for job and occupation suggestions.

More Medieval Occupations.

List of supernatural powers and abilities.

List of supernatural or mythological creatures could be useful to pick a character species.
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Please refer to the rules room to see our application requirements!
make sure your characters comply with our rules, lore, and timeline of events. if you have questions or concerns, comment on the roleplay to ask admins. thank you!
the four kingdoms
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