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MORE : All around the world there are many Littles struggling to be themselves. These Littles are struggling to find a caregiver to look after them. Rhese Littles are struggling to just be comfortable in their own skin. These Littles are struggling to just be. Now a service has come into existence just for them. A dating service that promises to try to match Littles with their perfect Caregivers. Big Hands Little Hearts even provides a house for the matched couple. The company checks in with the couple regularly to ensure that the Little is in a good home. In rare cases the company will assign two Caregivers to one Little if the Little is very high maintence. There has only been a case of two Littles getting assigned to one Caregiver but only if the Littles are twins.
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melanie martinez - cry baby
たルール rules
MORE : 1. The roleplay must be favorited to allow your application to be accepted.
2. There is a character limit of three. You are not allowed to take three of the same characters. If you have two Littles then you must take a Daddy/Mommy character. Likewise for the reverse. The password for Daddies/Mommies are your limits in caregiving (what you won't do). 
3. You are allowed to plot drama but you have to ensure that all parties involved consent.
4. All face claims must be 18+ no acceptions. This is to ensure that if someone plots that everyone is age appropriate.
5. If you disagree with a plot then do not whine in ooc about someone else's plot. Stalking is allowed but we do not need to know someone else's business.
6. No pregnancies of any kind for the time being. They will have to wait till it is announced.
7. Please make sure that you research into the lifestyle before you make up a backstory for your big or little. Not all littles are caused by trauma, not all bigs are interested in changing diapers or having tea parties. If you have questions, please contact an admin! The password for littles is your favorite stuffie.
応用 application
MORE : name: Ashley Vee
age: 27
gender: female
role: Mommy
biography: 5 full sentences
ideal type: 5 full sentences
password: in rules


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natalie_scof 2 months ago
i need a daddy message me if you wanna ddlg rp with me long term!!!
empressoftomorrow 5 months ago
Is this place active? It looks great
kitramos 7 months ago
ooh this place looks amazing.
I'd like to join as Kim Nayun please
b69cd30deb003fac11e2 7 months ago
Just saying

I love this
almightykeytten 8 months ago
May I get Choi Chunghyeop?
Aka Baron from VAV. uwu
[comment deleted by owner]
KingNavi 8 months ago
I'm curious.
[comment deleted by owner]
355fd54f903edc36aac1 8 months ago
What do you guys need more of?
[comment deleted by owner]
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