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about the roleplay
Welcome to Queer as Folk, where everyone is Queer as . Forget heterouals, we only accept homieuals. A paradise where boys kiss boys and girls kiss girls. Spread the gay, spread the love. Spread your legs and fly.
rules and regulations
01. when applying, make sure to favourite the roleplay. Upvotes are appreciated.
02. This is a semi crack, non au roleplay where Only gays are allowed. Internationals are alLowed as well.
03. for second faceclaim, you must have 200pts. for third faceclaim, you must have 500pts on each chara and a blogpost for that publicity you feel me.
04. no godmodding eg."kills myself" "dies" etc. its not something to joke about. so basically, think before posting.
05. please be welcoming to everybody and keep ooc drama away. it wont be tolerated.
06. inactivity is set for 7 days. if you need sh or h, tag admin in the hiatus room.
07. keep in walls and pms. the main chatroom will have rated sign but that doesnt mean you are allowed to go overboard. we will warn you once before kicking you out.
08. pw: on a scale of 1 - 10, how gay are you? [ only people with funny responses will get accepted ]
09. Make sure to get 50 pts within 24 hrs of getting accepted. Happy rping. 

Name:    moon jongup
age:                                 69
group:                         BAP
orientation:  heteroual
password:  look for it


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psycheux 2 hours ago
xu minghao 1 minute ago Reply
jeon jungkook 48 seconds ago Reply
we need more yeojas
daddyslittleprincess 4 hours ago
can I get kim jongin as second pls
willpass 5 hours ago
park jinyoung please
shmakespeare 5 hours ago
kim wonpil, please!
toblerone 6 hours ago
can i get lee sungho
bluecas 6 hours ago
For the love of God, get me SuperM members Kai n Mark especially.thanks uwu
bluecas 8 hours ago
Okay...Wong Yukhei uwu
-fairybread 14 hours ago
can i have park jihyo cced to kang younghyun
FORGETMENOT10 21 hours ago
Please reserve Kris Wu
PokeMaster 1 day ago
can i have jung yunho (ateez) as my second juseyo? (◡‿◡✿)
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