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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur aLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, its another nonau, so dont expect  too much- its gonna die in a few days anyways but hey! lets enjoy our little time in here shall we ?
how to join
1.favourite the rp, upvotes optional but welcomed. 2. comment the full name of your desired character. reservations last 24 hours. 3. move in couples & internationals of asian descent only. 4. Be  nice to each other. 5. keep the drama to a minimum. dating ban of 250 posts. 6. 3 characters per soul. must be from different groups. 3th available when the 2nd has 200 posts. 7. pw: favourite quote. 8. inactivity warning is set to seven days. you have 24 hrs to clear it before getting kicked out. 9. last but definitely not least have fun guys, lets grow into a big peachy precious family uwu.
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full name jennie kim
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dirtylinks 5 months ago
yaya urassaya?
yxgurt 5 months ago
no heck accept me back :)
eatYOchips 5 months ago
can you add ahn hyejin? uwu
yournightmare 5 months ago
hi can you add park seonghwa?
rose_petals 5 months ago
kim jongin pleasue
PUDDIN [A] 5 months ago
+ checked.
moriarty 5 months ago
Park Jimin, please
kookiesnmilk 5 months ago
okay help me decide on a muse unu
jiasstory 5 months ago
son naeun pls
molkyy 5 months ago
kim chungha pls C;
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