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about us
hello! Welcome to Be Mine❣  It's a city-wide social app where you'll be able to get to meet new people, make friends, and even maybe make something more than friends. 

This is a straight matchmaking city au - it makes it easier for me to pair you guys up :D 

You do not need a fully fleshed out character to rp here. You're allowed to tinker your character as much as you want - nothing is set in stone.

As a city au, you're allowed to have any range of careers, backgrounds, and education.

The matchmaking portion of this rp will be done through social media. You will get a GROUP PM by the admins welcoming you and explaining the function of this roleplay. You are encouraged to ask questions through this PM.

The matchmaking of this rp will done by "swiping" on each other's profiles through pm with the main admin. If there is a mutual swipe, an admin will stick you in a group pm with your date and leave. 

The longevity of this rp is to be determined. If it lasts until Valentine's Day, and you're still single, you'll definitely be paired up because we're not going to be single this valentine's day. ;) 
Reserve below for your character. Favorite for your first Character. Advertise & Upvote for your second character. 

Be nice or whatever, I don't really care, but at the very least be respectful of each other. 

There isn't much that I ask for, but at the very least please do not be ooc in ic rooms. If i catch you excessively being ooc in ic rooms, you'll get a warning. 

Regarding relationships, you must at least have gone on three dates/threads before announcing your relationship and have at least 500 pts each. It's a matchmaking rp, but i still want people to be engaged with others. 

Upon departure, please notify admins through PM. No excuse is needed. Just a simple notification would be fine. For the password, please recall any rules that you feel are most important. Also, please optionally tell us whether you'd like your character deactivated or deleted. Absolutely do not leave a comment or a deleted comment on the roleplay or i will grab you by your nuts and get cracking. 

OOC drama is a nono. If you aren't feeling good vibes, take a break or pm an admin. We got you, lil homie. We're here to help. Don't drag others down into your depression with you. 

On the other side, IC drama is completely allowed as long as all parties involved consent. 

The application will be used to put a default profile on your wall. You are free to edit it however you'd like! But please keep the general information the same. 
full nameFirst & Last
AgeBirthday & Age
educationhighest education
occupationfull time/part time
about yourselfKeep it short
personalityKeep it short
hobbieskeep it short
InterestsKeep it short
passwordfind it
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wassowasso 3 years ago
dropping jisoo but let me know if you guys revamp!
f2a523c964cf33a4cde4 3 years ago
kim namjoon, please!
catnips 3 years ago
yeh shuhua pls
Yukiko 3 years ago
ooof idk if i should bring yerim or seulgi in

thursdayschild 3 years ago
ahn heeyeon please
secret_love 3 years ago
Gimme son seungwan pls ♡
[comment deleted by owner]
Everme29 3 years ago
Lee Sangbi please!
cereza 3 years ago
hi I'm here to make a bad decision dhsjsdkf
yxgurt 3 years ago
oppa y a ><
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