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married at first sight

married at first sight

married at first sight

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about us

A reality show that follows singles yearning for a life-long partner ship as they agree to a provacative proposal: getting legally married to a stranger the moment they first meet! 

hello everyone and welcome to the show married at first sight, were you sign up and we try to match you with the perfect person for you to get legally married. Then follow you on the first month of your marriage to see how things are going for you and then follow up with you a couple months later! 


Rule #01: Favoriting the rp is a must while upvoting is optional but highly loved.

Rule #02: Please comment down the full name below to reserve a character, reservations last 48 hours. 

Rule #03: There is a four character limit, your second you get by upvoting, the third you get through a blog post and the fourth you get through having 150 posts through all characters.

Rule #04: Your face claim must be 18 in real life, but in the rp they must be 21. 

Rule #05: Your dating ban is until you get paired, this is a matchmaking au. after being paired you may date if you don't stay with your pair. 

Rule #06: Please look in the show grouping for show rules for specifics of how the show works.

Rule #07: Upon joining you must post in one of the in character rooms within 24 hours to kickstart your activity. 

Rule #08: We ask that you have a dp and a brief intro of your character on your profile within 48 hours of joining

Rule #09: If you leave or are going on hiatus please pm one or All of the admins. We will need an estimated amount of time for hiatus. 

Rule #10: rated content must go in rated rooms, walls or pms.

Rule #11: ooc drama will not be tolerated, ic drama is fine and loved as long as all characters involved consent to it. 

Rule #12: There will be no user chasing or face chasing. Please be nice and friendly to everyone. 


Rule #13: The inactivity is set to seven days, that gives you one week to make atleast one ic post. If you fall inactive you will be given a 48 hour warning before being removed from the rp if it's not removed. -posting on your own wall doesn't count and two warning in a row is an automatic removal.


Rule #14: Please be kind and friendly and do not be afraid to talk in any of the chats! the password is what season(Winter, spring, summer, Autumn) your chara would like to get married. 


Full name:

width must be 220; height can be 130 or higher

being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while  loving someone deeply gives you courage.

width must be 200; height can be 290 or higher

admins (scroll)

Meng Jia



Im Jinah



Boa Kwon



character name

admin username


character name

admin username

width must be 250; height can be 160 or higher

# males: 20

# females: 22


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howyoudoin 19 hours ago
Christian yu pls
enchantedrixue 21 hours ago
could I please get oh yeonseo?
valkyrie 1 day ago
Kim Jennie please.
disrespect 1 day ago
choi yoona / bella from elris pls ♡
suhNATCHED 1 day ago
johnny suh pls? :3
blxrryface 2 days ago
add & reserve Lee Hyukjae, please
javaphyle 3 days ago
qian kun please uwu
he_LIos 4 days ago
wang yibo please
gospel 4 days ago
jackson wang please
yexian 5 days ago
can i have kim doyeon as my second, please?
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