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C A L M R E S P I T E 
res·pite /ˈrespət,rēˈspīt/

a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant.
​​​Welcome to our humble hang-out place~! We hope to cheer you up from a long, tiring day of being an idol.
Chill with us, talk with us, play games with us. Who knows, you might also fall in love with some of us.
Males - 17
Females - 28

1. Favorite the rp. Upvote to get an alt. Blog ad to unlock 3rd alt.
2. This is a semi non-au rp, therefore you are idols here (no internationals for now). Tho, you can decide what their backgrounds are and/or personalities, favorites, etc. Keep ic talk in rooms where you are required to stay in character.
3. Inactive sign will appear on your profile after 5 days of being quiet. You only have 24 hours to remove that sign from the time an inactivity notification has been sent to you by one of the Staff members. For the second instance, you only have 12 hours to remove the inactive sign and for the third, it will be an automatic kick-out.
4. If you are busy with ooc life or you can't go active here, it would be best to go on hiatus. 15 days for semi, 30 days for full. Just tag one of the Staff members in the Request Room to let us know.

Btw, you may only request for hiatus after reaching 300 points.
5. Password: Mere Words. Keep rated talk or rp in walls or pms. Don't ualize minors.
6. No face-chasing, please. Dating ban is 3 days and we will accept move-in couples given that it is stated in your application. But just because you're in a relationship already, doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to everyone anymore.
7. You need to reach 50 points during your first 24 hours of stay here. If you fail to reach that point requirement, you will be automatically kick out and your profile will be deleted. Dw, you may re-apply again if the alt you initially had is still available.
8. Lastly, kindly pm one of the #TeamBrokuli if you are leaving the rp.
00/00/2020 - Event Name
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lifeline 22 hours ago
jung jinhyeong please.
panget 1 day ago
heo yoorim jsy
wassowasso 1 day ago
could i have taeyeon as my third?
tangerine 5 days ago
kentaro sakaguchi pls
s 6 days ago
Damn it, go on. Wong Kunhang please?
kookiesnmilk 6 days ago
I have a quick question
navigation 1 week ago
can i have jo boah the actress added pls?
Lynnixo 1 week ago
jeon soyeon, please
FictionalTea 1 week ago
Can I have Masiwei
seagulll 1 week ago
wHo tO Be
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