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new soft nonau
no real rhyme or reason to this roleplay. just
a fresh new place to make memories.
we hope that you can come here to take your
mind off any troubles and just roleplay away.

this place will only thrive if you allow. please
do not join to be a ghost. join only if you have
the time to be here. that is all we ask of you.
we don't need to be booming with crazy 
activity, but i refuse to have tumbleweeds in

the objective of the roleplay is to have fun
events to keep you all interested. whether
it be a dp event or camping..and of course
the memories. we encourage roleplaying and
yeah- i dunno what else to say.

the only blurred ic/ooc room is the energetic
chat. if you're seen being ooc in any other chat
you will lose 50pts.
how to join
password is: la vie en rose

we encourage roleplaying. so please use [] {} or
() when speaking ooc in certain rooms.

we will allow move in couples, but if we notice
that you only talk to each other. the feature
will be turned off for future movers and you
both will be warned.

ooc drama needs to stay out of here. and ic
drama should probably be talked about before
playing out. so for plotting, be sure that all
parties agree.

ualizing minors are a no no. you kiddos can
kiss and hold hands but we better not see any
! speaking of , mind keeping it mainly
in pms? walls are fine and if you have your own
lil house- sure.

if you want to learn more about haveing more
faceclaims, we have a shop for you to check!

we're not really doing internationals at the 
moments- but stay tuned, they may be welcomed
at some point!
admin name
admin name
admin name
stage+full nameexample
pick 1crack, calm, ?
passwordread rules
currently going
through an activity
check and event
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lifeline 16 hours ago
kim mingyu please.
howyoudoin 19 hours ago
May I snatch irene since she hasn't posted anything yet? ;;
HarryPotter 20 hours ago
Oh sehun please
ilmatto 1 day ago
kim yeri please
sumire 1 day ago
could i reserve jimin please?
babypotato 2 days ago
day6's jae pls
valkyrie 2 days ago
Park Chaeyoung please.
snowdrops [A] 4 days ago
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❝Momo 28 minutes ago Reply
park hyungsik, hwiyoung, mingyu, junhui, mark tuan, shon minho, hendery

❝Jisoo 11 hours ago Reply
Me wish for more exo, rv, snsd, ikon

❝Solar 14 hours ago Reply
ㅡ christian yu, lee jongsuk, jung haein, bang chan, sana mintozaki, red velvet, aisha

❝Jibeom ᵍᵒˡᵈᶠᶦˢʰ 15 hours ago Reply
adding cix to my list of wishes! i do want to see all five of them–
smolpotato 4 days ago
Can I get sana please?
jiasstory 4 days ago
hirai momo pls
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