✧˖*°࿐jupiterlovers.exe ┆for cute and soff bois only ๑ˊૢᵕˋૢ๑ ┆new and open ! come join us and daddy koo will give you your crocs

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jupiterlovers.exe 恋人たち
new & accepting
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daddy Koo
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•  timezone: +8
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sailor jupiter
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•  timezone: -7
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sailor mars
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sailor venus
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sailor mercury
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hello my loves <3
this is a safe place for all gays uwu. this is a non-au roleplay for all to mingle around and make new friends ! why join? because everyone here is soff and accepting. we do not judge and all we do here is love. so come join the fam bam if you're looking for a lover, a friend, a place where you can be yourself !
this roleplay is self-paced, but do try your best to be active˘͈ ૢᵕ ˘͈ lets keep this place as lively as possible <3
favouriting the rp is mandatory, upvoting isn't necessary but is very appreciated.
socialising is the key component in this rp, so do try your best to mingle around and talk to everyone. if however, you do feel left out, do not hesitate to mention this to any of the admins, we will try our best to help everyone feel included.
face claiming.
you are allowed up to 5 characters each ! first 2 charas are for free but you should obtain a minimum of 1000 pts before requesting for a third, 3500 for fourth and 10 000 for fifth. try not to face-chase anyone, yes we all want to get with our ships but do not be annoying and assert yourself onto anyone. any encounters that leads to any complaints will be receiving a warning. in case of any confusion, your characters should be at a minimum of age 17 and above. however, face claims with ages 17 are not permitted to .
dating ban.
a dating ban of 1 week should suffice because as aforementioned, lets all mingle around and get to know each other !
this is a self-paced roleplay, so dont fret if you aren't the type of person to spam around all the time. that being said, you have 1 week to reach at least 30 points. those who fail to do so shall receive a warning. you have 2 weeks before the inactivity sign shows up on your chart, you will receive 2 warnings to post in rooms to get rid of the sign. failure to do so shall result in the kicking of your booty by papa koo. you are allowed to return, and reclaim your character though ! hiatuses are simple to resolve, simply DM any of the admins and we'll get to it.
it is very important to note that I, the main admin, do NOT tolerate drama, ic is fine as long as both parties consent to it, but ooc drama, or if I find out that any chara have been indirecting any other character and creating havoc, you will be kicked out and blacklisted. so, once again, NO OOC DRAMA PLEASE. if you have any issues, please please DM any of the admins, we are here to help <3 p a s s w o r d: spread legs, not hate uwu
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willpass 7 hours ago
bang chan please
ryuusei 1 day ago
Hi can you add wong yukhei for me
makkuro 1 day ago
question: may i reserve a character for a friend?
baobao [A] 1 day ago
-- notices --

characters that are now available :
im jaebum
kim taehyung
FictionalTea 4 days ago
Im Jaebum pls
hirotaka 4 days ago
kim taehyung pls
himekimchi 4 days ago
yoon sanha please
makkuro 4 days ago
park jimin pleaseee
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