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the dollhouse

the dollhouse

the dollhouse

new & accepting

literate rp

au rp

about us

dollhouses are common places around the world, however each seem to have their own.. types. this particular house seems to bring in the damaged, the pained, and those who have special skills.

most dolls here are capable of things most humans are not and are ideal for hiring or protection. however, we do have that handful of sweet, kind hearted type if that's what you're seeking.

whether you're here to drop a doll off, seek one to buy, or simply to have a good time - our doors are open.. though, if you mistreat a doll, the owner won't step in to stop them from defending themselves.


Rule #01: favorite the rp or you won't get accepted. we appreciate upvotes.

Rule #02: this is more or less a rated rp but we do encourage actual non-strictly plots.

Rule #03: this is an all orientation rp and we do welcome internationals; we expect everyone to be treated and plotted with fairly.

Rule #04: feel free to have a bit of triggering content, just be mindful when plotting. we don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable, /but/ we can't please everyone, right?

Rule #05: we encourage creativity in backgrounds and muse creation. since your character was a doll turned living, feel free to give them odd add-ons.

Rule #06: use the rooms we make for you; we make them for a reason and really don't want to see our hardwork go down the drain.

Rule #07: there is no dating ban, however you can only own a doll officially with 200 points and a week of being here. you can own 2.

Rule #08:  a muse limit at this point. Just post a blog after the first then you can have however many you want. 

Rule #09: if you have a problem, come to one of the admins. keep your ooc drama on the downlow - we will do our best to handle things.

Rule #10: when leaving, pm the main admin only; not doing so gets you added to our blacklist. do not comment. password time: pick a color.

Rule #11: there is a three strike rule here. when you hit the third, we will give you the reasons and unless it is something to be discussed ( i.e, complaints, etc. ), you will be removed.

Rule #12: reservations last 24 hours, extensions are an extra 12. only one extention. profiles are to be up within 48 hours. 1 week inactivity and tbh, you can get removed without warning; be active. 

+ respect the admins. we put time and effort into these things.


+ If you would like to use a model, you can use it as an oc! Just to make things a little more fun and creative for you. Just let us know in the app the model and the oc name.


Full name:
doll or owner?
doll type: ( doll only. )

width must be 220; height can be 130 or higher

the correct answer is always:
" Yes master "
so, who is the master? the owner or the doll?

width must be 200; height can be 290 or higher

admins (scroll)

P. SeonghwA (main)



y. woohyuk



U. Rem



k. Woojin


width must be 250; height can be 160 or higher

# males: 23

# females: 05


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Pressdeletus 1 month ago
Cannelle frgu pls
oceani 1 month ago
can I have yoongi pls
hey hi could i cc chaeyoung to nini? i don't know her last name, so i've just used park? her ig is tattooist_nini
ProudShawol 1 month ago
baekhyun pls
LeGoLaSs 1 month ago
Can I add and reserve Jung Taekwoon, please??
makkuro 1 month ago
may I reserve jung wooyoung please
simplyme95 1 month ago
Can I get Roh Kyungjoo please?
turnips 1 month ago
hwang hyunjin for me please
5hyuks 1 month ago
im jinah for me, please!
641c0c4becaa9bfd4153 1 month ago
could I reserve Son Youngjae please
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