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62 years ago Storm Coast Academy opened its doors for the first time accepting students from all over the world who wanted to achieve their dreams. The only real rule that was in place was to keep up their GPA's. If it dropped you were seen to have lost heart in your dreams and you were removed for others who wanted to fulfil theirs. For 62 years Storm Coast Academy has prospered helping students to achieve their goals, giving them the necessary skills and qualifications to succeed in life and to get the promotions that help them to complete their dreams.

est. 00 MAR 2020

About Storm Coast

Approximately 169 years ago humans and supernatural beings were living in relative peace with one another, and had been for a few hundred years. This peace was shattered quickly when humans who had always been against the supernatural beings stepped up and finally made a stand against the creatures. Of course they were no match but every death that was caused at the hands of a supernatural being fuelled the growing human hatred.

Before long supernatural beings were being driven back into the shadows away from their human-ish lives and back into the shadows and the memories of the humans who came after them. For most of these creatures it became a waiting game, just waiting to see when the right time to try and make a comeback would be. it's now.

A select few of each race has been granted permission to attend a school that is welcoming to everyone, charged with keeping the secret but trying to find the peace. And trying to find those select few humans that might be able to help mend the fractures formed from the last war and help bring everyone together once more hopefully permanently this time.


Nobody suspected that a simple university such as Storm Coast Academy would host the grounds for the reunion of supernatural and human beings but the start of the school year is fast approaching and the time for peace is now.


This is a university... There are parties but there is always homework.

Rules & Guidelines

ONE Please favourite the Roleplay, if you don't your reservation will be ignored.

TWO No shaming people for a kink, or forcing people to take part in your kink. Everybody is allowed their own kinks, but don't force them on people without OOC consent.

THREE Keep mature/triggering topics in rated rooms

FOUR Please have a DP and basic details on your profile within 24 hours. 35 points needed within 7 days. Inactivity is set to 10 days. No warnings. Kicks will happen.

FIVE Reservations last 48 hours.

SIX IC drama is good so have as much of that as you'd like! No OOC drama though please. If something is wrong PLEASE speak to an admin.

SEVEN Avoid bubble roleplaying. But also please be proactive in plotting. Don't claim nobody is plotting with you when you yourself aren't taking initiative. If you need someone us admins are pretty helpful.

EIGHT No godmodding, or implying that a character has done something unless you have discussed it or actually seen it happening.

NINE Muses must be over 18 (if they are close to 18 ask an admin, you might be allowed in.)

Ten All Orientations, all Nationalities, all writing styles, all everything. Pregnancy is allowed for ANYONE.

Eleven Password is a summary of two rules.


Supernaturals are rare and in hiding. Don’t mess this up guys. A war happened last time.

How to Join & App

ONE Comment with your characters FULL NAME. (This means, not stage names either.)

TWO Fill in the application below~. If you want your application posted on your wall please include that in your application


Full Name: Jung Wooyoung

Age: 20 years old

Major: Drama Major

Residence: TriSig, DeltaXi, Dorms.

Race: Here

Password: read the rules.


If you want to be a teacher, please put that in the 'Major' spot including what you would like to teach.




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do you need females or males?
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Can I get Dylan Hasselbaink instead pls
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May I have Kim Mingyu pls ouo
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Reece King pls
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kim jeewon please
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Cannelle Frgu pls
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Cameron Monaghan please?
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im exciteddddd
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Ahahaha oml it's been done^^
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