♯♯  tЯiᧁᧁΣЯiПᧁ plӨtƧ  ⍩  ur matchmaking dating sim au  〲 choose your own fate! (or let the dice choose for you since free will doesn't really exist) × batch 1 is running and we need more people in general! just get in jsy

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about us
"we matchmake and we whacc. what else to talk about?" — kim dongyoung, prob 15.

matchmaking au where you get to have your own cliche love story, or a weird adventurous one you'd never grow tired of retelling.

app still under development. be the first ones to try it out!
O1. this is an au roleplay, meaning you get to become whoever you want to be. all orientations and nationalities are welcomed, we are a friendly bunch. <3
O2. aight, the usual drill: no ooc drama, godmodding, facechasing, doing whacc stuffs in pg rooms. doing so will result in being striked ‐ O3 strikes and you're out.
O3. be!! inclusive!! please!! we can never stress this enough.
O4. favorite the rp before you apply. reservation lasts for 48 hours.
O5. No move in couples! Dating ban lasts for a week. the magic word is: jesustify.
O6. to enter this rp, your faceclaim must be 18+.
O7. our characters limit is O3. to get a 2nd you must upvote the rp + have 100 pts for your 1st chara. to get a 3rd, write us an advertising blog post. a catch here: you can receive the 4th chara by having a thread using one of our existing whacc prompt. also, we don't allow multiple charas from the same group.
O8. activity talk: being inactive for 7 days? you lose your chara. failing to get 100 points in 03 days? you lose your chara as well. we do welcome you back though, but the inactivity limit will be shortened to 5 days and there wouldn't be a third chance.
O9. Important: when you apply for your chara, send only the magic word.
1O. a friendly reminder: please don't use multiple accounts to hog faceclaims from the same group. it's obvious. and painful to watch.
full namechaewon kim
timezonegmt +
passworddig :D
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moonlife 4 days ago
Applying here got harder than my math exam lmfao
moonlife 4 days ago
If I can get the third character by blog posting that means I can skip the second chara technically so the 3rd chara just became a 2nd chara for me because I obtained it as my 2nd.

moonlife 4 days ago
I'd like to join as moon bin of astro
whoisbrian 4 days ago
hi i wanna join but im a little confused abt the application fbdjdk
heresy 1 week ago
am i allowed to join this mess *v*
pathetique 1 week ago
screams lovelyz’s jung yein pls
Yukiko 1 week ago
aaah when your usual muses are reserved/taken :/
iseeYou2dae 1 week ago
YOW peasants imma yang yoseob ahahahaha
skulleton [A] 2 weeks ago
— checked!
alkylation 2 weeks ago
lee hoseok/wonho please? <3
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