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about us.

welcome to love shot!

Love Shot is a freeverse roleplay for those who are seeking a literate place. Here, we welcome writers of all genres and styles as long as you are literate. This is an ooc and writing based roleplay with emphasis on writing. To clarify, freeverse means you are welcome to write any au of your preference including nonau. You are also welcome to write here. The purpose of this place is for you to find writers who match your style and preference. Happy writing.

Apply here
read carefully.
our guidelines.

rule one.

Favorite and upvote the roleplay. This lets me know your account is old enough and have activity to join. With that said, we reserve the right to ask you to unprivate your profile if you join on a second account or can not upvote to show activity. In addition, we will ask for your original account username. (we won't be sharing this information with anyone.) This rule is very important because we'd like to provide a safe writing place and that means weeding out decoy accounts joining with malicious intents. With that said, we reserve the right to reject you and kick you out if you are found on a second account without informing us.

rule two.

This rp is strictly for writing. Please do not join if you don’t plan to put in effort to build your character, write plots, and of course actually roleplay. You will be asked to leave if admins suspect you’re hogging a faceclaim. If we feel you do not fit our rp from your application, we reserve the right to reject you. 

rule three.

Each user is allowed 4 characters. They can not be from the same group. If you are applying for another character, you do not need to fill out the google form again. You can simply comment with your requirements and apply on rpr right away. However, you must comment "applied for second character name."

The first character one is free. A second character will require an advertisement blog, with a show of 1 active public thread. A third character will require another advertisement blog, this time with a review of the place and why you like or dislike it, along with a show of 3 active public threads. A fourth character will require a blog full of your plots, along with a show of 4 active public threads. If you do not have plots to post, you must show 6 active public threads.

Public active thread means there are at least 3 replies. It can not be a starter. These replies must be public in your individual room/other locations or they will not count.

rule four.

Reservations last 24 hours with no exception of extension unless permitted by sparklygayassglitter. You may not reserve for a friend. 

rule five.

Your muse must have 19 internationally and you must be 18 or older in order to participate in explicit plots.

rule six.

Respect others’ preferences when it comes to writing, character style, along with interacting with peers. There will be a lot of OOC interaction here hence no drama will be tolerated. You will be asked to leave immediately and will be banned from re-joining. We are here to write, not create drama; leave that to your IC plots.

rule seven.

Everything from pregnancy, marriage, character death, mpreg, violence, etc are allowed as long as you get consent from your partner. Please establish boundaries and know the difference between IC and OOC. You are not your character. In addition, be mindful of the words you speak depending on the room you are in. Keep these kind of conversations to the rated chat.

rule eight.

Upon acceptance, you must put up an OOC profile consisting of the information you submitted on the google form. This means gmt, pov preference, character orientation, genres of your liking, limits for , writing/plotting style, activity/reply speed, etc. Of course, you are more than welcome to add your own plots if you'd like. This must be done within 2 days of acceptance. (the basic profile without plots) You will get one warning if you fail to complete it within the time frame or else you will get kicked. The profile does not need to be fancy with a layout, as long as it includes all the information.

rule nine.

Relationships are prohibited. You can plot relationships with various characters ic but you can not be tied down to one person as this is a freeverse roleplay.

rule ten.

You will be posting plots you’d like to do on specific pages we have so please read the descriptions of our rooms to follow our guidance for the best roleplaying experience.

rule eleven.

You will be given a room with your name upon acceptance where you will roleplay most of your plots there to keep them all in one place. Of course, you are welcome to rp in other rooms as well but this is to help organize your plots and keep track of them. You may rp on your wall and pm but activity will be measured from your room and other rooms so when a monthly activity check comes around and you have 10 pm threads but zero in your room, it does not matter; you will be marked inactive and kicked.

rule twelve.

There will be rooms for different aus where you can drop in to chat and/or rp in case you don’t have any solid plots you’d like to do.

rule thirteen.

If you leave the rp, we reserve the right to not accept you back. Please understand that an OOC run rp like this requires heavy maintenance so we ask you to be considerate. When leaving, inform Jung Jaehyun or you will not be allowed back into the rp if you fail to do so.

rule fourteen.

You are allowed to CC twice a month. When you wish to CC, please post in the CC/hiatus room and follow the instructions in the room.

rule fifteen.

Activity is set for 8 days so please make use of your room to rp instead of sticking to pms/walls. You will be given one single warning and you’ll have 18 hours to post before you are removed. Keep in mind that once you are kicked, all your threads and plots will be deleted. If you constantly get inactive, we reserve the right to not accept you back.

rule sixteen.

Hiatus lasts 3 weeks and semi-hiatus lasts 2 weeks. You are only allowed to ask either of them twice a month so please use it wisely.

rule seventeen.

There will no shaming anyone for ANYTHING. This will not be tolerated AT ALL. There will be no kink shaming. There will not shaming anymore for their writing style. Someone likes getting their balls slapped during ? You mind your own business. Someone likes writing purple prose? You mind your own business. There are tons of other things and people to focus on. This rp is big. Do not make the environment a negative and discouraging atmosphere. 

rule eighteen.

Negative talk of your own writing will not be tolerated. This is a writing based rp. While we do not expect you to be fully confident, we are here, providing various sources and opportunities for you to improve. If you are not confident with your writing, don't whine but instead, give your 100% to this place because this is it; this is the place made for you to improve, meet writers that match you, learn from those that you are intimidated of. With that said, pity talk about yourself will not be welcomed and shut down.

rule nineteen.

Conversations of other rps and other rpers will be shut down. You are allowed to mention rps but do not do it the point where you and your group of friends are talking about said roleplay for 20 minutes straight and others are not able to join the conversation. Please be mindful that you are not here alone and that there are many others who most likely weren't in that roleplay with you. Pw is your favorite rule. Make sure to elaborate why you like that rule.

rule twenty.

Do not facechase or userchase. Neither will be tolerated. We try our best to provide equal opportunity and exposure for all characters. Our plot padlets are designed to be read in a way where you will not be able to see the character name until you are interested in that plot and scroll to the bottom. We try our best to give you all an equal experience so please return the effort by not facechasing or userchasing. 

not allowed to rp.
banned faceclaims.

Do not ask to reserve any faceclaim of the following:

  • Married idols (ie: Jongdae, Kahi, Eli, Taeyang)
  • Deceased idols (ie: Goo Hara, Godfrey Gao, Choi Jinri)
  • Idols that wish to not be roleplayed (ie: Christian Yu, Kim Jisung [Kiji Kush], Xiu Akay)
  • Cosplayers, import models, YouTubers, stars
  • Problematic idols (ie: Seungri, Shindong, Daesung)
how to join us.
the application process.

Follow these carefully or your application will be ignored.

Keep in mind that we have a system for reservations and acceptance so if admins reply to other comments/accept them first, it means there are other valid reasons for doing so behind it.

  • Check the masterlist to see if your desired faceclaim is free. If so, comment their full name. An admin will reply with "reserved"
  • Apply for them through our google form. You do not need to wait for an admin to reply to you. You can apply right away via google form.
  • Once you've submitted your google application, comment in the rp "applied for character name"
  • Apply in the rp regularly but only with the password stated in the rules. Nothing else on the app!
  • If you are accepted, you will be welcomed into the rp. If we decline your application, we will reply to your applied comment stating so or ask for any more necessary criteria. 
our staff.
the admins.

Main admin Jaehyun

  • Played by: sparklygayassglitter
  • GMT: -7
  • Availability: 8/10
  • Contact via: ic pm
  • Other characters: None

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ message from sparklygayassglitter
I hope to revive your writing muse, help you build character connections, and guide you to find writing partners that suit you with this roleplay. Don't be afraid to approach me ooc if you need anything.

Co-admin Ten

  • Played by: pixels.
  • GMT: -7.
  • Availability: 8/10.
  • Contact via: IC Walls/PM.
  • Other characters: Jung Jinsoul.

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ message from pixels
What's up! Contact me if you ever need some assistance with developing/expanding ideas for plots and characters, need some help with branching out to find RP partners or plots that might interest you, and if you'd like to RP with me on either of my characters (Ten or Jinsoul). My walls and PMs are always open for you!

Co-admin Soojin

  • Played by: todowoki.
  • GMT: -7.
  • Availability: 8/10.
  • Contact via: IC Pm.
  • Other characters: Lee Luda

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ message from todowoki
If you ever need anything feel free to contact me. I'm always down for any rping, bouncing ideas off of, or anything else!

Co-admin Boa

  • Played by: psychologist.
  • GMT: -5.
  • Availability: 5/10.
  • Contact via: IC PM/Walls.
  • Other characters: None.

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ message from psychologist
I'm only a single ping away from helping you develop your character or push the boundaries of how detailed an au can be. As always, I am here to help improve writing and offer exercises to stimulate your muse if you're having a hard time kickstarting it or containing it. Busy as I might seem, I make time for any and all inquires: all it takes is that first message, so hit me up!

Co-admin Johnny

  • Played by:-euphoria.
  • GMT: -5.
  • Availability: 8/10.
  • Contact via: IC PMs.
  • Other characters: None.

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ description
What’s up, cuties! Fun fact about me: I love coming up with plots and connections, so if you need help coming up with ideas I would be more than happy to help you brainstorm! Communication is key so please share any comments and concerns you may have. I’ll try to help you as best I can or direct you to an admin that might better suited to address your issue.


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Bluethrone 33 minutes ago
Hello, May I join as Meng Jia?
dirtylinks 1 hour ago
please add and reserve park ji hoon for me please?
DanielUchiha 4 hours ago
applied for Lee Soohyuk
Queenofsins 12 hours ago
applied for Kim SoEun
Queenofsins 14 hours ago
Hey I'm so sorry for taking forever I just had my surgery so I'm finally back and I made a desicion could I have Kim SoEun if she is still free?
peachperfect 1 day ago
Hello. I'd like to ask if I can come back? As Jessica Jung this time?

Thank you.
yunjaeisrealaktf 1 day ago
Hey I have applied for Takuya Terada since yesterday but no one replied did I do something wrong?
5hyuks 1 day ago
could you reserve lee sunmi for me?
yunjaeisrealaktf 2 days ago
applied for Takuya Terada
yunjaeisrealaktf 2 days ago
could you add and reserve Takuya Terada for me?
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