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Hello and welcome to niche. We're gearing to welcome everyone and to those that have arrived, please enjoy your time.
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Welcome to Niche, a cozy, soft nonau where you can become the best version of yourself! Explore your hobbies, your talents, and your unexplored whims. This is a place where you can craft strong bonds with your buddies, find the love of your life, and pursue your passions. Expand your horizons and encourage everyone to support others in their endeavors!
one — (updated) Upvote is a must. Favorite is optional.

two — We only accept faceclaims that has been in the South Korean entertainment industry. Please, we don't allow two to three accounts per person. Let's be fair so everyone can have a chance at RPing. All ualities are allowed. No ual engagement is allowed when it comes to minors. If we see anyone trying to get it with a minor, knowing they are a minor, we will give you two strikes. You pedo. We will give you two strikes if you make others uncomfortable by posting y images or gifs as well. Three strikes and you are out.

three — Be courteous and kind. Don’t leave anyone hanging in the chatroom and try to be friendly. Don’t start OOC drama, we don’t tolerate that at all. Limit the IC drama and don’t include others that don’t need to be included. If you bring it into the chatroom, we will kick you out. Life is already a drama, don’t bring it into your daydream. (new) If we find that you're trying to get into an argument with someone, we will kick you out.

four — Inactivity is set to 8 days. If you post on your wall to clear the inactivity, we will give you a strike. refer to the hiatus room for the maximum period.

five — Password is rephrasing all the rules. We will not accept only a few rephrases.

six — Within 24 hours, please get up to 50 pts or you'll get the boot. For a 2nd face-claim, please get up to 3000pts, one blog post promoting the place and 10 room posts in your hobby room.

seven — (new) Please do not spam the hobbies rooms. We will provide you a time such as an event to do so.

eight — (new) If you have the intention to leave, please, por favor, contact at least an admin about your depature. If you fail to do this and then intend to come back in the future, we will say no.

nine — We allow straight pregnancy, no MPREG, sorry. Make sure that your character has been around for at least three months, and the relationship has been around for two months. (new) Dating ban for newcomers are 5 days.



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Yeosanggie 2 months ago
bye bye I wish I couldn’t leave or whatever but I need to leave some characters- I have too much... I’ll be happy to chat in PM or whatever but bye <3 I’m dropping jhope idk if this rp will be alive or whatever but yea
mehxbominn 4 months ago
is mark lee available?
eb4039838ae3aacbd538 4 months ago
is suho available? If so then could you please add him for me? Tysm
cherrychobani 4 months ago
Can I reserve Chou Tzuyu pls?
cestlavie 4 months ago
hi hello can i get lee naeun for my second chara please?
turnips 4 months ago
hwang hyunjin pls
[comment deleted by owner]
tazalea 4 months ago
may i have jeon heejin please?
EtherealMoonlight 4 months ago
Could I grab Jeon Jungkook, please?
[comment deleted by owner]
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