# GONE DAYS ⠀ ⠀՞ ⠀ ❝ a non-au roleplay.⠀ ░ open since 032820 & still accepting! ❞ ╱ we have many available fcs , grant our wishes! come & join! ↺ STREAM IU X SUGA EIGHT  ࿐ ࿔*:・゚

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about us!
beep boop hey! thanks for clicking us! we give you a warm welcome to gone days, a non au based roleplay. where we offer a place for you to get away from reality and have tons of fun. first and foremost this humble adobe wants to give everyone a cozy & friendly experiance where you find wholesome content left and right.
wheater you want to create a fun mess, new friends, or just join us for a lively experiance we welcome you to our fam! so, come on in and take a risk and join us. who knows what you'll find here and create fun bonds and lovely  memories. 

ohana means family, family means nobody get left behind or forgotten. 

— lilo & stitch
major rules ( read carefully)  
rule #1 & 2 

please subscribe to the rp! upvoting is not necessary, but highly appreciated! characters will be reserved for a max of 48 hours till that character is up for grabs again. while commenting please I cant stress this enough, state your full name. You are free to obtain 2 characters right off the bat. each must get there 100 pts. keep them active and interact with everyone. be nice and try your best not to leave someone hanging in the chat room. 


Once your accepted to this place, you must get your 100 pts by the end of 48 hours. so, 50 points one day and the other 50 any other day. simple, right? Ooc drama will not be tolerated! nor being disrespectful to others, is strictly forbidden. do remember we are all one huge fam so treat others with respect. Any issues or even concerns arise do notify the admins. We are here for a reason and are happy to help so, do dm us. 

rule 3 & 4

move in couples are allowed and more than welcomed. all orientations and internationals are allowed as well. Key point, those who are move in couples try your best not to stay on your walls and only talk to your lover. that defeats the purpose of being here. so, get out of your comfy zone and have fun.  straight pregnancy's allowed sorry guys no mpreg but adopting is allowed.

a big no no alert: we will not tolerate anyone who ualizes minors. you will be kicked out of this rp. and those who rp minors don't do ual themes or play them in that light. if your going to rp a minor state that you are below 18. 

 rulle 5 & 6

keep ooc talk to a minimum and talk in brackets //{} etc. keep in pms, walls and rated rooms. since this is a self paced rp we encourage you all to come out of your comfort zones and rp in rooms admins have made. we all are counting you guys to help keep this place active as much as possible.


Inactivity is set to 7 days and you'll only have a warning. make sure to kick your inactive sign by the next 28 hours or else your character is up for grabs.

rule 7

when leaving pm the admins and DO NOT POST IN THE COMMENT SECTION. if you pm the admins your character will be deactivated. password: your favorite song atm.  Have fun and be inclusive! 

origins !
fun trivia 
— chapter one

For those who don't know gone days is a continuation of supreme aka. the one that lasted for about 2 years. once again, old and new members are highly welcomed and us, the admin team want to  thank you all for staying with us for so long. 



we hope to create a long lasting bond with each and everyone of you all. you guys are the best! thanks for reading all of this btw.

— chapter two  

Much like the old rp gone days is a new and improved place where there's a warm, friendly, cozy environment with fun loving people who will bring a smile to your face. needless, to say,  



this is the best place to create new memories, never ending bonds, a supportive fam , new romances, enhancing your crafts, and just simply be yourself surrounded by amazing friends and family. 

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# welcome
@gone days_
full name
jung jaehyun
group & age
nct 127 + 23
 gmt -/+
what's your fav song?
reply speed
new things!
feature information
— updates & events. 

est. #032820 Happy 1 month and counting to us! and our smol humble comunity of softies.

inactives cleared! - we have many fcs available.

more girls wanted. + dp event comming soon!   

— most wanted. 

complete exo,  loona and snsd. more og groups. kim yohan, gugudan, ioi gals, lia for itzy. 

lee nakyung, lee saerom, everglow, hinapia, ateez, seventeen, got7's yugyeom & bambam. etc. 


social butterflies of the week!
full name
kim doyoung.
full name
shin ryujin.

big shout out to you guys! thanks for making the chats more lively and interesting! + thanks for being a part of our crazy yet growing fam! keep up the good work and stay awesome! we adore you!


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tequila_ 6 days ago
May I have thomas doherty for my third?
Natalie0309 6 days ago
This is a giant step for me lol but can I have Lee Joo Young as my 2nd?
wassowasso 1 week ago
i eth so bad can i have my charas back ;;
supine- [A] 1 week ago
☆ — checked and in need of more females! Come join us! uwu
hanako 1 week ago
may I have chou tzuyu as my sixth ?? ouo/
blxckheart 1 week ago
Hello! I got a very emo reservation to make. Can you kindly add Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross for me and a friend, please? < 3
babyminhee 1 week ago
May I reserve Lee Soodam?
DorkSoo 1 week ago
hi can I get takuya terada as my third? thanks c:
SJV1144 2 weeks ago
applied as younghoon
SJV1144 2 weeks ago
can i get kim younghoon as my third ?
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