໑ ﹆ GOOD DAYS — ❝ ᴀ ʟᴀɪᴅ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴄᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ ❞ ー est. 032720 ↷ ░ still accepting! ❞ come uwu with us ╱ we have many available fcs , grant our wishes! so come, come on in ! join us today! ଘ(੭ ˘ ᵕ˘)━☆゚ 🍞꒱⸼࿐ ࿔*:・゚

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✾ Good days!
✾ Good days!
Good days!
est 03.march.2020 
roleplay type — semi-au
newest member — here 
status — open and accepting apps (uwu)/
✾ Quote — No matter where you are, no matter what season. If we’re together, it'll feel like home.So smile a little more, and lets be jolly.❞
✾ About us:  Greetings Welcome to good days a roleplay designed for those who are searching for a nice warm, loving and supportive co-creative space for their muse to call home. This is a place to let your personality and creativity shine while forming bonds in a laid back environment.                                       
Most of our days here are spent being very supportive and wholesome as our family members LOVE creating new fond memories to share with one another. If you'd like to form new threads, new friend connections, or just simply want a comfy place to purely relax and call home.                                                                    
So come check us out and  join our small expandiong communitty today for a wonderful experience! 
✾ rule one :: pls do favorite  the roleplay before applying. Upvotes are highly appreciated never expected. comment your character's full name when reservering. keep in mind your face claims must be 19+ [ all races and orientations are most welcomed here ] 
✾ rule two :: reservations last 24 hours. upon arival each one of you must complete your first mission of earning 100 pts within the next 48 hours. failure to do so will lead to an automatic character removal without a warning. for those who are removed we do have a cool down period of 48 hours so your faceclaim is up for grabs. 
✾ rule three :: marriage and pregnancy are permitted except mpreg. sorry. on the bright side, move in couples are allowed as well and most welcomed here. Do Be considerate, kind,  respectful and try your best to strive to be inclusive when speaking in the rooms with others. we won't allow others to feel left out. remember to maintain a homely welcoming enviroment. 
✾ rule four :: Since this is a co-creative space (place) we encourage each and everyone of you to use the rooms for roleplaying purposes. Don't be afraid to speak out your mind for suggestions, concerns, events, or ways to make this place a better home by pming the admins. We'd love to hear your feedback. Keep in the rated rooms, in walls, pms or personal rooms. thank you.
✾ rule five :: the maxiumum character limit is 4 characters per user. You may have 2 character upon joining, third is given once you upvote and lastly obtaining your forth will be givin once all your alts have 600 pts each. 
✾ rule six :: inactivity is set for 14 days, you'll recive a warning and a max of 24 hours to kick that inactive sign off. when you go inactive after reciving the warning and failing to kick the sign off your removed automaticlly.  You are free to join again after your cool down period of 48 hours. ooc drama is not tolerated here. do keep ic in the ic rooms, ooc chats in the ooc room and use the request rooms if needed. ic drama is only encouraged if both parties have agreed to it. if you need a hiatus or are leaving the roleplay  do pm the admins. 
✾ rule seven :: password: what's your favorite color? If you have any questions, concerns or trouble don't hesitate to pm the admins as we are happy to help in any given situation. 
✾ rule eight :: banned face claim are those who are deceased, involved in scandals, married etc, if your desired face claim has stated they do not wished to be roleplayed, respect that.
✾ full name :: here
✾ age :: here
✾ group :: here
✾ orientation :: here
✾ timezone :: here
✾ password :: here
✾ extra :: here
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✾ lisa manoban.
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taekitty 3 days ago
hi can i still join?
lakeside 1 week ago
hello! by chance is this rp still accepting?
baby-groot 1 month ago
Can I get na sori as a second?
70787aa9d907e92cf595 2 months ago
hi is this place still open?
if so can i get seo changbin pls
shibusa 2 months ago
heloo hiii can I get my felix back? pls? T T
JiminieMouse 3 months ago
ty for having me :3
taehyung has left
nanners 3 months ago
Rocket Punch's Takahashi Juri please~
-fairybread 3 months ago
hello hello! :D can i have park jihyo, please?
1dfdae141cdb66b0e344 4 months ago
can i have lee minho from skz?
alone_bythesea 4 months ago
kim yohan please
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