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welcome! 🐸🍄🌼
established march 26, 2020.
🍓 the greenies゜
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type of roleplay.
small town vibes, semi au. 
open and accepting!
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open to all.
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our event begins at 11pm Sunday gmt+7.
𓆩 🌼 𓆪 song yuqi.
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about us
Greetings, friends! You all are invited to join in on all the fun shenanigans this place has to offer. Here we welcome you to our humble adobe of a safe place for all to enjoy.
This is a roleplay designed for those who are searching for a nice warm, loving and supportive co-creative space for their muse to just relax and be free.
This is a place to let your personality and creativity shine while forming bonds in a laid back environment. Don't be shy, come on in and join us for a fun adventure. 
event title!
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a favorite of the roleplay is mandatory when commenting down below please do give the full name of the said desired faceclaim [ adult faceclaims only 18+ ] upvotes are highly appreciated never expected. upon joining, all characters must obtain 30 points within the time limit of 2 days.  failure to do so leads to an automatic character leave without a warning.
internationals, pregnancies , marriage ,  adoptions, move in couples and all orientations are allowed. [ banned faceclaims are those who do not wished to be roleplayed, are involved in scandals, deceased and are married. please do respect this and when in doubt of faceclaim's history ask an admin! hiatus are 2 months. semi hiatus are 2 weeks. ]
no ooc drama, userchasing, real bullying, and anything related to that is prohibited.  if issues do come up, don't hesitate to let the admins know. they are here for a reason. keep s on walls or in private rooms/pms. the safe word is "peaches" if the word is used, all topics of a mature/triggering sense must be dropped. we have a two strike rule system which means once you have the inactivity sign you'll get a warning from an admin. the second time this occurs you will get kicked out if you don't clear the sign in the next 24 hours. you are always welcomed to rejoin us again if this happens.
once again this is a semi au so you're free to change your face claims personality to fit your muse. you may chose to be an idol or not just make sure to let others know by posting it in your profile.  1st and 2nd characters are allowed right off the bat. a 3rd is given once you upvote and the 4th is giving once you retain 400 points on all alts.   friendly reminder to always be considerate/ kind/respectful and inclusive to one another. this roleplay genuinely strives to maintain a supporting, warm, loving and laid back environment for all to enjoy.
we ask you all to pls do make an effort to talk to everyone if possible. since this is a self pace non au we  highly encourage each and everyone of you to use the rooms for roleplayin and enjoy writing.  last but not least do pm the admins when you're leaving if you fail to do so you're character will not be deactivate. 
if you have any suggestions, concerns or really any questions don't hesitate to pm the admins they will be happy to help you
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full name.
kim jongin + kai.
28 years old.
gmt (-/+)
what is your favorite color?


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chocopie8 3 weeks ago
Jung wooyoung please^^
mimodreams 3 weeks ago
kim choyeon please
Loeyprone 1 month ago
Hello I would like to come back. I was han Sammy but I would like kim minseok
badomens 1 month ago
head in hands... lee felix pls,,
ripperjack 1 month ago
hey, can i get heeseung back, but cc him to choi soobin? thanks!
jujubroom 1 month ago
Can I get yoon keeho for my second?
kusanali 1 month ago
hola, here for jisung
dasani 1 month ago
hello, is lee minhyung (mark lee) available?
pickles 2 months ago

sobbing at this gif
Choi007 2 months ago
Knock knockie
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