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Hello there! Welcome to Overture!

We're a () Non-au rp that focuses on having fun and being somewhere you can feel like you're coming home to. There's rooms for more serious roleplaying and a chatroom for something more relaxed. All we ask is you be kind to one another and have fun while you're here.

Scoot down to the rules for more info on how to apply!
choi minho
main admin
lee taemin
lee jinki
name here
name here
1. Favourite the rp - to help you keep track of us and stay up to date with any future announcements/events!
2. this is a rp meaning only men are allowed.
3. No mpreg. feel free to adopt but only after you've been on the rp for at least 4 months.
4. move in couples are allowed! and there's a Dating ban of two weeks (14 days).
5. only in walls or pm. the rated m rooms are slightly different, you can do Somewhat more with your partner just don't straight up have , thank you.
6. please only ask for idols 18 and over. likewise, make sure your rp partner is of age before engaging in any mature threads.
7. inactivity is set to 7 days. you'll receive 1 warning to remove the sign within 24 hours. p.w.1: your favourite shinee song. fail to do so and the character will be removed. feel free to reapply after.
8. two characters per person. you may gain your second after reaching 1k posts. do not spam to get these pOints.
9. pm or tag an admin to cc your character. please try to sTick to one muse though and remember to roleplay your chosen idol as close to their image and personalities as possible.
10. no internationals for now.
11. if in need of a hiatus, pm an admin with an approximate date so we know when to expect you back.
12. have fun!
idol name (first and last)
password 1: look for it!
password 2: your favourite rule and why

31/03/2020 - rp has opened!
None for now but stay tuned!


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YeolMun 2 months ago
Park chanyeol or sehun pls
self-love 3 months ago
I’m sorry

you have an rp and didn’t tell me
W h a t
b3b18f1d15a4db5aef4c 4 months ago
kang younghyun please~
DoneWithYou 5 months ago
Daehyun jsyo
puddin 5 months ago
park jimin pls
bluedino 6 months ago
Xiao De Jun (Xiao Jun) WayV please uwu
-Aymeric 6 months ago
bangnaruto 6 months ago
jung jaehyun please and thank you?
FireRamen 6 months ago
hello! NCT Haechan please! Thanks
jinmatsumoto 6 months ago
Nakamoto Yuta please
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