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Free Fallin'
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Hello to all you little songbirds! Welcome to Free Fallin', a place where you can feel free to be who you want to be, free from the prejudices and judgments. A place you can call ‘home.’ A safe place for all who need it. A wonderful place for all to come in to find a peace of mind. No matter orientation, gender, local, or international – Your voice will be heard.

This is a laid back, semi-crack nonau that is run by some chaotic admins who love to show everyone the love and attention they deserve. We were a group of lost songbirds searching for a home, so we thought, “Why not make one ourselves and for all to enjoy?” And so, Free Fallin' was born.

We do hope that you will join us and help this family grow much larger! Any troubles you may have will not go unnoticed here, whether that be IC or OOC. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. If you are looking for a new place to call your own, to find love and friendship, and to feel as though you are part of something much bigger, consider yourself part of this family already.

Welcome home~
1. Favourite the rp before applying, upvotes are very much welcomed.

2. Reservations last 24 hours! After that, the reservation will be removed.

3. You will need to reach 50 points within 48 hours of joining the rp! No spam room!!

4. Please treat everyone equally, with respect and love. You are here inside of a judgement free, safe zone, so we ask that you treat others how you wish to be treated. Absolutely no facechasing or userchasing!!

5. Internationals, all orientations, and minors are allowed here. There will be absolutely no tolerance with ualizing minors whether it be in character or out of character. There is NO warning. Also, NO faceclaims under 13

6. Up to five characters per person as long as each one is active. The 1st character requires a favorite!
For the 2nd character, it requires an upvote AND a blog post.
For the 3rd, the first fc needs 300 points and the second needs 200.
For the 4th, the first fc needs 300 points, the second needs 200, and the third needs 150.
The 5th can be claimed with another blog post.

7. PW is to restate/summarize the fourth point in the rules.

8. If you’re leaving, please pm an admin!!! Do NOT comment on the rp or make a scene in chat.

9. The inactivity is set to 7 days. You will receive one 24 hour warning before being deactivated.

10. If you are in need of a hiatus, please pm an admin with how long you expect to be on hiatus.

11. There is a dating ban of one (1) week! Move-in couples are also allowed!
full name // [ ex. Jeon Jungkook ]
age IC // [ ex. 22 ]
age OOC // [ your REAL age ]
group // [ ex. BTS ]
password // [ read rules ]
how to join
Check the masterlist to see if your desired faceclaim is available then comment down below with the full name of said faceclaim, if they are available. Once we have added and reserved the character for you, please apply with the application above!
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mehxhyuckk 1 hour ago
Can I drop Kim doyoung and change it too choi soobin?
conangray 3 days ago
park jinyoung if he's available, please. ♡
KingsRight 4 days ago
I have a question firstly
daisyy 1 week ago
Ooh I wanna join but idk if I wanna go for intl or Asian idol?
Taehyungiepuppy 1 week ago
Could I get Jeon Wonwoo and i forgot who else :<
PapaGyu 1 week ago
Hi there! can I please reserve Kwon Soonyoung? :D
unrevealed 1 week ago
Maahes 1 week ago
Ah this is the place .
Orochimaru [A] 1 week ago
Well then
[comment deleted by owner]
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