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RULE ONE. please favourite before reserving your face claim! upvotes are welcomed but not required.

RULE TWO. this is a semi-literate/literate roleplay, meaning first person isn't allowed except in specified rooms. we're going for semi-para and para here! one liners won't be appreciated.

RULE THREE. because this is an alternate universe themed roleplay, your characters are not idols. another note, you are not your characters. OOC chat should be contained to PM and the OOC chat. OOC drama is not tolerated in any form. if you're having issues with another typist, please let the admin know!

RULE FOUR. of course, no god-modding, meta-gaming, etc. it's just pretty rude generally.

RULE FIVE. making new members feel welcomed is very important to us. all new members will be revealed as new souls in the arrival room. feel free to answer their open threads, or even just offer to plot with them. it goes a long way to making people feel comfortable and increasing interaction! that being said, please no bubble roleplaying or face chasing.

RULE SIX. the inactivity is set at seven days. afterwards, you will be given a warning that lasts 48 hours. if you know you'll be busy, don't hesitate to ask for a hiatus! with that being said, when you first join, you will have two days to post three random starters of your choosing. You can leave it open to anyone, or you can narrow it down to one member or a specific type of character.

RULE SEVEN. this is a mature roleplay. they're living in their afterlives, after all. however, these topics are off limits: pregnancy, mpreg, , suicide. more will be added if need be. rp etiquette stands that if you want to write a more mature plot, please communicate with your writing partners to make sure they're okay with this.

RULE EIGHT. all orientations are allowed. as far as dating goes, there's a 2 week dating ban.

RULE NINE. some character rules apply: please have your character's profile set up within 48 hours upon joining. please keep roleplaying to the rooms, that's what they are there for. walls can be used as well, but please limit it! PM should be used for OOC interactions and plotting only. points do allow your characters to buy certain things from the store and to increase their character level, so get out there and interact.

RULE TEN. you can reserve your second character after 400 points, and you can reserve your third character after 1000 points. please make sure all of your characters stay active. also, you cannot have more than one face claim from the same group (example: if one of your characters is Jimin of BTS, your second character cannot be Jungkook).

RULE ELEVEN. after some deliberation, available face claims are as follows: we are currently only accepting 18+ faces from the Asian entertainment industry (meaning we don't accept Western faces). this is subject to change.

RULE TWELVE. privately message the admin if you're leaving, please do not comment below.

RULE THIRTEEN. please read the rules page for more information on afterlife species and levels. the password is the symbol on the door that your character walked through, which can be found on the rules page right next to its corresponding species.

RULE FOURTEEN. reservations last 48 hours. please comment below your desired character's full name, stage name, and occupation/group to reserve.

full name
alignment (good or evil)
short bio





Life usually boils down to one thing: what happens afterwards? Well, what people don't seem to realize is that Heaven and Hell won't exist until the world itself ceases to exist . Until then, after someone dies, their soul is cast into a purgatory of sorts. There would be seven doors that lay in wait with seven different symbols, each with its own definite meaning. From then, until the end of the world, it is up to each and every soul what they will make of their afterlife. Of course, there will be obstacles and tests along the way.

depth is an AU roleplay that takes place in the afterlife. Characters may or may not recall their former human lives, but they have a chance to become a completely different being in this life. With a different event every week to further your character's development, the point of this roleplay is to see your character grow. Whether they become good, evil, or completely different from who they once were is entirely up to them.













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ahn hyejin please?
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can i pleease be wheein?
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can i reserve kim taehyung?
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