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kiss & tell

cause we             are all

this is our story

Being a Kpop idol which is famous all over the world is a lot of fun and is definitely a dream come true. But it brings a lot of work and hardships with it. There are concerts, interviews, fansignings and recordings. you have to train and your normal day at work lasts at least 14hours a day. Then there are the scandals, the paparazzi, the saesangs that follow you everywhere. you have almost no time for yourself, barley any privacy or are able to spend time with your family or friends. And love? well forget it.


Knowing all that and more, some of the workers at kbs have planned to launch a new reality show called "kiss & tell", where they set up idols on blind dates and give them a chance to fall in love.

many idols have already signed up to participate in the show, so why don't you?


the rules




(01.) please favorite the roleplay before applying. upvoting is optional but very much loved.


(02.) comment the stagename of your desired faceclaim below. You can have a max. of four characters as of right now. All faceclaims should be over the age of 18. The reservation lasts for 24 hours so please make sure to apply within the given timeframe. Should you need more time, then please contact us. Thank you.


(03.) as of right now we only accept straight and biual people. this might change later on. For the matchmaking we will only form couples consisting of one male and one female.

also only asian idols are allowed right now.


(04.) this is a non-au, matchmaking roleplay. That means it will be kind of event based, so keep that in mind before joining.

matches will last for one week. Once you are matched up, you are required to make contact with your match. Please don't leave them hanging. It's unfair and dissapointing. Should you not have the time to be matched or motivation or what-not, then please contact the admin beforehand.

people who ignore their match without any given reason will not be matched for two weeks. If you fail to not contact your match again, you will be removed.


(05.) we are not a rated rp and there might be minors here so please keep rated content on walls or pm. please and thank you. Also we are soft and fluffy - or strive to be- so please keep the crack to a minimum. thank you


(06.) There is a dating ban of 3 days, so you can get to know the people around and give all of them a chance before you settle for one of them.

please treat everyone as you would like to be treated. this place is looking to be inclsive not exclusive. We want everyone to feel welcomed and loved after all.


(07.) you are required to reach 50 points within the first 24 hours of joining. should you fail to do so, you will be removed. you are welcome to re-apply of course. But there might be people out there who wish to take up your faceclaim and want to be active. character hogging is a big no!

if you need an extension of time to reach the 50 points you can contact an admin.

the inactive sign will appear after 5 days. You shall receive a warning then. if you do not reactivate your chara within 48 hours of receiving the note you will be removed from the rp.

if you need a hiatus please notify one of the admins. thank you.


(08.) to be matched you need 100 points to show you are active and interested and a dp set up.


(09.) the password: your favorite kind of date.



the application






-3 to 5 words that you would use to describe yourself.

-what kind of personality should your future partner have? name three to fife characteristics.

-are you interested in and of legal age? yes/no

- do you wish to get married and/or have children?

-name three of the most important things in a realtionship.





#matchmaking #fluffy #cute #nonau #straight


#couple #cute #goals




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babytenshi 1 week ago
Uhm im nayeon pls
LadyofGalifrey 1 week ago
Hani please
iloveboba 1 week ago
lisa manoban as a second pls
neozones 1 week ago
johnny seo please
DamnDaehyun 1 week ago
Lucas wong pls?
moreira 1 week ago
Choi Minho please
-triggered 1 week ago
BP's Lisa please!
floral- 1 week ago
irene/bae joohyun pls
kaibongs 1 week ago
kim jongin juseyo
iloveboba 1 week ago
sana minatozaki pls ^^ thank you!
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