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established  2020.
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opened on.
may 25 2020.
type of roleplay.
a modern royal au.
officially closed 11/26 +8.
featured on.
june 13 2020.
tweedledee aesthetics.
november 25.
happy six months with us, citizens of aerok! thank you for your constant support of gilded. our storyline has ended here, but we'll see you in s2!
jisoo hong of baekje.
featured for being the bestest boi.
sooyoung ha of silla.
featured for being the bestest girl.
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about us
for centuries, the kingdom of aerok was ruled collectively by four of its founding families which eventually led to its extensive amount of land conquered and flourishing economy. although it was widely known that the four royal families — known collectively as the sì xiàng — shared power together, it was also an acknowledged fact that the goguryeo clan was the reigning family. however, this all changed with a decree from the late king who determined that his successor was unfit to take over the crown. thus, he suggested an alternative: all four royal families would battle each other to win power and ultimately become the new governing family of aerok.

baekje, with the emblem of a black tortoise, is led by prince wonwoo. this family is respected for their wisdom and how they prioritize education above anything else.

gaya, led by prince jeonghan, has the emblem of a vermillion phoenix and are known for their contributions to the political sphere. this clan is known for their cunning nature, and will probably bite you faster than a snake can.

goguryeo, the former leading family, has the emblem of a golden dragon and are known for their contributions to the military. led by former crown prince jaehyun, they are known to be competitive, confident, and fearless.

finally, there’s silla. led by princess chaeyoung, silla has the emblem of a white tiger and are praised for all the advancements they bring to the medical and technological industries. they are best classified as the classy, resourceful, and virtuous family.

which family will you join? will you fight for the throne and help your family win, or will you step back and watch the others ruin themselves as they try so hard to claim the throne? only you get to decide your fate.
stargazing with rebels!
with the rebels continuing to hunt the royals one by one, the houses decided that it was time they take matters in their own hands and fight back. (check the latest announcement + updates for more information!)
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favoriting and upvoting are mandatory, otherwise your application will be rejected. upvotes are required to clear out the new accounts. we will not be accepting accounts that are six months old or younger. if you are a new account, we will have to ask you to pm us your first account. second accounts are not allowed. you will be blacklisted if you're caught, and will be deleted. you will only get a warning twelve (12) hours before your character is deleted. there will be no negotiations regarding this.

gilded is a heavy event based roleplay and can become very fast paced depending on said events. before joining, we would like users to consider if they will be able handle the flow of the rp. there are features set in place to help stay updated on all activities, but users are encouraged to interact according to events and help build the community.
check the masterlist and the banned faceclaims before commenting your muse. we only accept faceclaims of korean descent, who are at least 19 years old internationally. you may tweak your character's age by three years, however we will not accept any minors. reservations only last for 48 hours. you may ask for an extension of one day.  each user is allowed three characters. we will no longer be adding more characters in the future.

head to the rules section to see more details about how to get new characters.
inactivity is set to 8 days. you will be given 24 hours to take the sign off. be mindful that if you get an inactivity warning and you post on your own wall to clear it, we will give you a strike. make use of the ic rooms. if going on hiatus, please head to the hiatus room instead.
bubble roleplaying is not allowed. do not facechase or userchase. plotted relationships are fine, however we will not tolerate discrimination without valid reason. absolutely no ooc drama will be tolerated. failure to follow this rule would give you a strike. once you've reached three strikes, you will be kicked out without notice. if you have concerns or issues of any sort, tell an admin and we will do our best to solve it.
if leaving, pm an admin. failure to do so will result in immediate addition to the blacklist. those kicked due to causing ooc drama will also be banned or blacklisted from the roleplay.

if you're blacklisted and still try to join, don't even bother because we'll know, and you'll just be wasting your time.
be mindful of the topics in the chatrooms. ual and sensitive topics go only where it is marked rated, and triggering threads should be kept to personal walls or pms. keep in mind that while this is a mature roleplay, it is not a -based au, therefore we encourage plotting and making connections with other roleplayers.
in connection to the previous rule, ic drama is encouraged, but make sure it does not mix with ooc matters. triggering plots should be discussed with both parties, and must be run through the admins before proceeding to write them. add a warning to your posts if it involves sensitive topics to avoid bothering or disturbing people unintentionally. major character plot points will have to be discussed with the admins.
there is a dating ban of 2 weeks and 3 threads from each member of the couple. mingle with others first! with that said, no move-in couples will be allowed as well.
do try to have a basic profile up within 48 hours of joining. failure to do so will result in a strike. it doesn't have to be anything fancy. just the most important things for you to be able to easily plot with other people. upon joining, you are required to reach at least 50 points after 7 days or you will receive a strike.
lastly, follow all these rules, and we'll get along well! make sure to read everything in the information tab before applying. please also keep in mind that we admins have the right to add and remove rules, because we are a growing rp and we strive to cover all bases. please understand. now good luck and have fun!
full name.
yoon jeonghan.
date of birth / age.
october 4, 1995 / 24.
family / house.
gaya (check info tab).
leading prince (check info tab).
brief background.
4-5 lines. note that we may ask you to change this upon acceptance and/or further discussion.

please do not make your background vague. the reason we have this is for us to have an idea how your character will be put into play in the overall plot of the rp. we have the right to deny your application if you don't give us enough to work with.
summarize all the rules. sorry everyone, we had to learn the hard way that some people can't read.


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Warlock 1 week ago
hi can i get ara back <3
gudetama 1 month ago
hi i hope u guys r doing well T___T
yunjaeisrealaktf 1 month ago
Could you add and reserve stray kids' Hyunjin for me?
athanasiax 2 months ago
Came back to check the news and how Gogu was doing but the points I-- ;_;
- former extreme gogu loyalist, kim sohyun
primavera 2 months ago
one, imy guys. two, I'm surprised the position for gaya princess is still open o___o why is it because the family is full of emotionally constipated royals? blame iseul.
flippy-- 2 months ago
3b60e8a3106c242e80d7 2 months ago
love how gilded intensely on tunes for election
xGummyPandax 2 months ago
Hello I'm interested in joining, but I have one question. What are you guys in need of? Women, men? Or maybe a family needs more people or knights?
3racha 2 months ago
may i finally claim my manz kang hyunggu?

changmin x dami - bar
changmin x ryujin - countryside
joohyun x dongwook - cafe
joohyun x kyungri - beach
joohyun x soonyoung - guard station
draMatic-bLue 2 months ago
i’ve noticed someone had requested for park jimin, but i don’t see him on the reservation list, is he open for taking? please let me know, if so, i don’t mind requesting someone else.

thank you.
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