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park chaeyoung
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park junhee
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win metawin
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kim sunwoo
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sorn sajakul
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welcome, all of you, to a sweet little home we call felicity, a brand new non-au with a vintage vibe. by definition, felicity means the quality or state of being happy. here in our rp, we aim to bring you into a state of pure joy and delight at all times. treat this little place as a sanctuary for your withered souls and aching bodies, and rest assured you will leave with nothing but pleasant memories -- if you ever choose to even leave at all! come with us, lets us share your burdens with you. our home is always open, come and go as you wish!

— ban
banned faceclaims

deceased idols, married idols, problematic idols, idols who do not want to be rped.

banned users

none at the moment. please follow all of our rules to the tee to not be blacklisted.

her joy was complete
sleeping at last
— rules

please favorite the rp before reserving. upvotes are mandatory for certain cicumstances, but are also loved and welcomed if willingly given!


we accept faceclaims from all nationalities and orientations, but please be reminded of the list of banned faceclaims. minor characters are allowed. you are allowed 7 characters in total. comment the full name of your characters below. if reserving under a stage name, please indicate the character's full name in the app.


first character is free, the second will require an upvote and the third requires a blog. fourth is acquired when all three characters have at least 200 points, fifth will be given when all characters have 500 points. 6th requires one week of activity and 800 points each chara, and lastly, 7th is obtained with 1.5k on all previous charas. requirements for 8th to 10th will be in the bulletin board. you are allowed to get 2 characters from the same group as long as they have more than 5 members.


reservations last 24 hours, as it is not very difficult to apply for a non-au. inactivity is set to a week, you'll be given two warnings before removal. you are required to get at least 50 points upon 24 hours from arrival or you'll be subject to a first warrning. pm any admin if leaving, do not comment.


no facechasing, userchasing, goddmoding, usershading, all that jazz. rated content stays in walls and pms. as always, absolutely no ualization of minors. everyone is respected to be mature, respectful and honest. ooc drama of any kind is strictly prohibited. include this in your application form, it's necessary.


some of the rooms are rated, but there are limits for the conversations. if you are ever uncomfortable about a certain topic, the safe word in every room is "cozy cabana". when you see this word, you must change the topic immediately as well as those around you. those who will be seen not following this rule will be given an automatic strike.


there is a dating ban of five days. while we encourage romance and love to see blossoming couples, please do your best to talk to everyone and not just your partner. move-in couples are welcomed! please state it in your app if you are a move-in couple.


most importantly, have fun! this rp was made to give happy memories to all who are joining. stay posted in the bulletin room for any updates and reminders. as always, pm any admin when in need of help. we hope you enjoy your stay!

— application
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park chaeyoung
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-trashcan 11 hours ago
choi yujin pls c:
naviii 11 hours ago
Can I get lee saerom added pls
pastelmermaid 22 hours ago
may i
have hwang yeji as a 2nd *^*
_cutiepieren_ 1 day ago
Can I reserve Jung Yeeun please ? <3
bimbambum 1 day ago
can i reserve park chaewon of loona for me? c:
TaeBird 1 day ago
omo can i get kevin moon as my 2nd? pleasu ♡
i will give you my stash of breadcrumbs
StayAnon 2 days ago
Helo bae jinyoung pls
perfectionism 2 days ago
the boyz new (Choi Chan Hee) for me?
[comment deleted by owner]
TaeBird 2 days ago
if soobin were to be available i would have made him a h0 for yall ✊
but ey its fine~
coughcough im a very indecisive person so help me out yeah ;;;
yoo kangmin or anh seongmin or kevin moon *^*
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