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about the coder
Greetings! I go by many names: Rin, Yuki, Ivan or Tenti. Pick your poison.
Welcome to my layout gallery! However you may found yourself here, I would like to take this moment to thank all of you for even sparing this place a glance. It means a lot to me when people view my layouts even though they don't use them. 
I am a beginner coder, so you will find that my layouts are rather simple and plain. I started doing serious coding around the end of April 2020, creating a roleplay dedicated to my countless tests and samples for references. Before that, I've been using other amazing coders' layouts just like everyone else, where I managed to learn a thing or two on basic coding and such. 
Seeing the beautiful layouts created by better-known coders motivated me to make layouts of my own. The result is my roleplay where I store all my coding tests. It was supposed to be drafted, but for some reason it wasn't, as found out after one of my friends (SCAMPI YOU READING THIS??) commented on the roleplay. I was flustered, but seeing their encouraging words prompted me to leave it for the public to view. You can now find that very same coding test roleplay here.
I used that platform to learn new skills and try other methods. There were many instances where I shared my WIPs with my friends, and they would leave helpful feedback and praises. Seeing everyone's support pushed me to try making a layout gallery of my own. 
And hence, what you see here now. 
This is just a long explanation on how I got into creating this roleplay. If you read until this far, then congratulations and thank you! You're the MVP!
Now, without further ado, the rules!
terms of use
Please favourite this RP! Especially if you're planning on using any of the layouts. Upvotes are greatly appreciated!
Leave a comment with the name of the layout you plan on using!
Do not remove or edit the credit in any shape or form.
Otherwise, feel free to change the layout (colours, pictures, etc) to your liking!
if you wish to use any of my codes for reference/base/inspiration, please contact me first; once you have the green light, you may proceed. remember to credit me afterwards; I know my style is simple, but that still doesn't give you the right to copy & paste it. I work hard on them still, and it's not fair for you to just use them as you please.
If you have problems with any of the layouts, feel free to leave a comment here or send me a PM! I will help where-ever I can.
If you find anyone using my layouts without my permission, or that they didn't credit my layouts, please inform me.
If any of my layouts looked like yours, I swear it's by pure coincidence. I try to build everything from scratch, so any resemblance isn't intended.
If you break any of my rules, I will contact you to resolve the problem. If you do not respect my rules and don't heed my warning, I will report, block and blacklist you so anyone who uses my layout will keep a lookout on you ever using my layouts.
I'm not doing requests, though you may send me ideas! I might not commit to them, but if I do fancy the thought, I'll give it a try! Credit will be given where it's due.


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Sister-nana 3 days ago
Using sunny
TinyKittyRose 6 days ago
using cale.
meliora 1 week ago
using kaeya!
Alyxandria 1 week ago
Hello I'll be using Clarity and Oldest Dream. uwu
keyboardsmash 1 week ago
using cale
-SilverRIngeu 1 week ago
using oldest dream
TinyKittyRose 3 weeks ago
Using criminal <3
bunniverse 1 month ago
using nine percent, thank you !
tHeFrEaK 1 month ago
using ritzy ! man i love your stuff :D
heizou 1 month ago
using sunny!
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