〈 ɢ ᴏ ʟ ᴅ ᴇ ɴ   ғ ʟ ᴇ ᴇ ᴄ ᴇ  2.0 〉—   oh my gods, it's a PJOverse roleplay!  ⫶【 ❝ What I did next was so impulsive and dangerous, I should’ve been named ADHD poster child of the year ❞ (what did i do? I joined the roleplay) 】— first event is underway >:D

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✕ What if we promoted, like, Adidas shoes? Would that make Nike mad enough to show up?"
golden fleece 2.0
golden fleece 2.0
golden fleece 2.0
hello hello! my name is saorsa and i am the head admin of this place! please feel free to contact me for anything you might need!
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jeon jeongguk
xu minghao
win metawin
admin list.
Burrowed in the Long Island Sound lies a safe haven for demigods; the mortal children of Gods and Goddesses of old. Despite the numerous changes in location over the years, the purpose of Camp Half-Blood has always remained the same: to act as a sanctuary, a home, for these powerful children, to protect them from the creatures that wish to destroy them.

Disguised as the Delphi Strawberry Service, the mist hides this place from monsters and mortals alike but even with the Golden Fleece protecting its borders, campers remain vigilant for the next unwanted visitor that might stumble through.

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •

Golden Fleece is set in the present day and after the canonical events of the PJO/HOO series. As of right now, there is no big over-arching plot but we do have one currently being developed to be released with the first month of opening. Consider all characters from the PJO series to have grown up(or died, in some characters cases) and ‘graduated’ from Camp Half-Blood / Camp Jupiter and we are the next generation of demigods. You are welcome to use canon characters as NPCs in your plots.
rules and guidelines
rule one make sure to favourite the roleplay before commenting! upvoting isn't necessary(yet) but very much appreciated!
rule two make sure to check the masterlist and wish list before applying :) we do not accept face claims under the following categories: under the age of 18, deceased(ie: kim jonghyun, choi jinri, etc), have stated they do not want to be roleplayed(ie: christian yu, lee jieun, etc) or problematic(ie: lee seungri, etc).
rule three you may have up to a maximum of three characters under the following conditions: 
- your first is free
- your second requires an upvote + a minimum of 100 points
- your third requires a blog + a minimuum of 2 active threads per existing character

your characters cannot belong to the same godly parent nor can you have more than one character as a child of the 'big three' (zeus, poseidon and hades). You are also not allowed to have more than one person per group for Your characters. we only accept reservations for 2 characters at a time.
rule four inactivity is set to 14 days, you will receive one warning from an admin before being booted after 24 hours. your character will remain for an additional 24 before being deleted. you will also receive a message from admins if we do not see you being active within the first 3 days of joining(this includes posting in the ooc); we understand that it can be nerve wracking to approach other roleplayers but if you do not at least try, you won't get anywhere. if you're struggling to find a partner, please look at the plots&connections room or message an admin so that they may pair you with somebody we think is suitable but we expect to see effort on your part.
rule five this roleplay has a three strike system in place. upon recieving your third strike, you will be removed from the roleplay and temporarily grey-listed(meaning you will have to wait a period of 24 hours before being allowed to rejoin), failure to continue following the rules will result in immediate removal and being black-listed.
rule six while in character drama is highly encouraged, we will not tolerate ooc drama. any issues or problems you may have will need to be brought to the attention of the admins straight away. we will do our best to settle the dispute but be warned, if we cannot do so, we will remove who we deem to be the problem without warning; if you are removed, depending on the issue, you will be either grey- or black-listed.
rule seven private message an admin when leaving. failure to do so probably won't result in anything other than being grey-listed but you can bet your not so sweet that we'll be keeping an eye on you if you do return.
rule eight while we don't mind rated conversations in the ooc, be mindful of what you're talking about and if somebody asks you to stop, you stop. we also do not approve of excess swearing, unwarranted aggression, and unnecessary hate.
rule nine please be mindful of your roleplay partners triggers and black-listed topics. do not god mod, do not power play(unless agreed on beforehand), do not meta game.
rule ten there is no dating ban however we would like to see those in relationships have a few active threads with others to encourage socialising.
rule eleven we accept face claims of every race, every age(sans those under the age of 18 and those who are realistically too old such as celebrities in their mid 30's and older however we do accept younger versions of an fc, example: leonardo dicaprio circa 1998) and every gender. we are an all pov, all ethnicity, all ualities roleplay; we highly encourage diversity and individuality, including face claims that are not particularly used very often.
rule twelve upon joining the roleplay, please direct yourself to the welcome room and respond to your admin claiming message asap. this is important as you will be choosing your demigod weapon upon being claimed.
rule thirteen if we start to receive too many applications for one particular deity, we will close them until the numbers for other god(desses) start to rise. this also goes for applying as a full-time camper; while there technically isn't a limit to them, we can't have everybody applying to live at the camp their entire lives, they have mortal parents, schools, friends, etc., to think about. since the roleplay will be taking place over summer holidays, your character(s) will be at camp half-blood regardless. you will receive a message if you cannot be a full-time camper; at the very least, we will try to come up with a compromise if not living with a mortal parent is important to your character's backstory.
rule fourteen follow the guidelines associated with your godly parent; a child of zeus is not going to be able to set things on fire with their hands just as a child of hephaestus is not going to be able to fly.
rule fifteen try to have a basic profile up within 48 hours(this includes basic information, trivia and any associated moodboards/imagery to your character) and a full profile up within the week(personality, background, plots if any, etc. dot points will suffice for a time).
rule sixteen for the password, please briefly summarise rules 4, 5 and 6 in your own words (no more than two or three sentences should be fine!)
rule seventeen almost forgot, keep to walls and pms unless it's a quest or requested private room.
application form
featured characters
full name pretty standard, we all know what a name is
character age you may alter your character age -/+ 3 years, 18 years old is the absolute minimum, exceptions are for younger versions of celebrities
godly parent fairly straight forward, please refer to the deity list for your options!
claimed or unclaimed? if unclaimed, you will immediately be sent to cabin 11 (hermes). there will be random times during the week when unclaimed demigods will have their heritage revealed
how many years have you been at camp half blood? is this your first summer? or has it been a few times for you? at this current time, please do not exceed 4+ years, we have too many campers who have been at chb for 10-20 years.
full time or part time camper? if full time, please provide an occupation for your character; this can include delivery person for the strawberries, farmer, carpenter/builder to do repairs in cabins, etc
fatal flaw feel free to use the internet for help
any rare abilities? please refer to the deity guide list, you may only pick one rare ability from your parent if you wish to do so. for reference, rare abilities are those marked with a (0/?) number next to them.
writing style third, first, whatever, just want to get a feel of how the rp writes
password didya read the rules?
featured male — name
featured female — name
general overview
40(?) — population count
pamela reif — newest female
choi san — newest male
" Right. We're going to the Land of the Dead and I shouldn't think negative. ✕
coded by saorsa & graphics provided by sweettae


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