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Established : 23/06/2020
Roleplay Type : Company AU
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about us
SugarXSpice was opened 10 years ago by the then 24 year old Emiri Shibata. It was a small company, hiring out the occasional space and paying one time actors and actresses to act out some very niche scenes in front of camera. Since then, Emiri’s business has took off, rapidly becoming one of the most notorious production companies in the world, releasing some of the most sought after videos known. Now with an army of writers, producers, editors, and actors, SugarXSpice are working on producing a wide variety of for a larger audience, though Emiri loves to pay homage to the movies that made her famous...
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RULE ONE  Please favourite before joining! upvotes are not needed but v appreciated!
RULE TWO. We do not accept any OOC drama of any kind. If you find you're having problems, message an admin asap and the problem will be rectified.
RULE THREE. Remember you are different from your characters. do not get your real-life and your characters life mixed up. Also, remember that this is an au and you are not your muse. They will likely not know the same people that they would in a non-au. You can change your characters name if you so wish. You can change their age. 18+ muses and characters only.
RULE FOUR. No god-modding, fairly standard rule, no power play or meta-gaming as well.
RULE FIVE. Pretty much anything goes. the only forbidden topics are: , ia, animal abuse and permadeath. As such, this could become a fairly mature RP, make sure to read your roleplay partners profiles for their triggers and always ask for consent if doing something that isn't pre-planned.
RULE SIX. Have a basic profile set up within 48 hours upon joining. 25 points required after 7 days. Password is a summary of 2 rules.
RULE SEVEN. 2 week dating ban.
RULE EIGHT. Multiple characters are allowed but each additional character has requirements. Check out the points system for more information.
RULE NINE. There is a strike system in place. If you do something to earn a strike, you will be messaged by an admin; do not delete strike messages.
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25.06.20 — In need of writers and directors. Not currently accepting pro actors.
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Yeosanggie 1 week ago
GK and andy are leaving thanks for letting me be here uwu
i'll join another rp of yours whenever owo
swtner 1 week ago
Leaving ari thank you for having me!
Minpha 2 weeks ago
Aina is leaving thank you for having me ♡
baek_hoe 3 weeks ago
could you add madison beer as a photographer tyvm :))
willpass 3 weeks ago
go shinwon please
swtner 1 month ago
Can I reserve ariana grande as a writer please?
LilithPrincess 1 month ago
Can you reserve Jun Hyosung for me please? :3
Pressdeletus 1 month ago
Do thy need more men or women??
yeolmae 1 month ago
can i reserve park chanyeol as a cameraman, please?
taeyongie 1 month ago
add lee taeyong as an amateur star please?
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