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famfam we fam
four seasons and four major holidays in
a total of 365 days.
spend those days together with us
in seasoning greetings!
join the fam! you won't regret.
established in 2019.12.01 with the
theme of christmas, seas grees is
back again!
1. favorites are a must! upvotes are loved.
2. please comment the full name of your face claim (reservations last 24 hours).
3. all orientations are welcomed! (currently not accepting internationals or move-in couples).
4. no facechasing / userchasing! we would like to see everyone try to interact.
5. four characters per soul! first 2 characters are free but must be from different groups. 3rd character is allowed once you reach 500 points for the first 2 characters. 4th character is allowed once all 3 of your characters reach 1000 points. (3rd or 4th character may be from the same group as the first 2 characters).
6. please do not ualize minors. no ooc drama.
7. keep out of the rooms please.
8. inactivity will be set after 5 days. you will be warned and given 24 hours to respond. if you do not respond, you will be removed but still welcomed back. second warning is immediate removal. second removal you are blacklisted and will have to come back with another muse
9. only 3 character changes are allowed per character. (yes we keep track).
10. if you are leaving, planning a hiatus, or have a problem, please feel free to pm an admin.
11. pwd: what is your favorite season?
12. rules are subject to change.


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Yukiko 2 days ago
bae joohyun please!
insomniadreamer 2 days ago
may I reserve Kang seulgi?
oohsheun_ 4 days ago
park chanyeol plith♡
pinkcrayon 1 week ago
Song Kang pls
daddyslittleprincess 1 week ago
oh sehun pls
rainingflower 1 week ago
pls a & r kim myungsoo (L) for me
PUDDIN 1 week ago
hirai momo plth
superpoopy [A] 1 week ago
kim seokjin pls
119dreamies- 2 weeks ago
lee donghyuck for me plith.
atychi 2 weeks ago
hello may i reserve kim jongin?
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