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As a rule of thumb, there are certain fc's that should not be used, with that being said, idols that can't be played are deceased idols, major controversial idols, and fcs who do not wish to be rped. Here is a small list that I found with people who don't want to be played, and some alternatives to those who you might be interested in!

est. 29 june 2020
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia

About the rp

A reality show following singles yearning for a life-long relationship as the agree to a provacative proposal : Getting married to a complete stranger the moment they first meet.

optional subsection

Hello everyone and welcome to the show married at first sight, where you sign up and we match you with the perfect person for you to get legally married to. Then follow you for a month to see how things are going, and then check up on your later on after being off the show. 


For any notes you may have about the descirption or the roleplay.

rules & guidelines

ONE Favoriting the rp is a must, upvoting is optional but highly appreciated.

TWO Comment below your desired face claims name to reserve them, reservations will last 48 hours.

THREE There is a three character limit, Your first character is free, your second character is bought through an upvote, and your third character is 500 posts with both your first and second and a blog post. 

FOUR Your first character is a participant of this show, your second character will be a viewer and your third is a choice. Viewers can upgrade to participants once the first is in an official couple

FIVE The dating ban is 72 hours. Three days upon joining, then if you find a match with any of your characters you are free to date! Make sure to let us know so we know not to match you.

SIX Show rules can be found under the shows tab so you can read more in detail about how the show works there. 

SEVEN Ic drama is fine as long as all parties involved consent to it, while ooc drama is not tolerated under any circumstances.

EIGHT Mature content can be taken to rated rooms or characters walls or pms. 

NINE If you are leaving or going on a hiatus then please pm one of the admins or the staff admin!

TEN All characters must be over the age of 18 to be accepted here, ic age must be over 18 or 12 if they are a participant of the show.

Eleven Be sure to have fun and enjoy your stay in the rp, the part you will be looking for is 'how did your character hear about the show/why did they sign up'


As a given all orientations, nationalities and povs are welcome here! There is no discrimination.

How to Join & App

ONE Read the rules + check the masterlist to see if their desired face claim is available.

TWO Comment down to reserve their desired character, and wait for them to be added. 

THREE Apply and be accepted! you must have a dp and a small profile up within your first 24 hours of joining as well as fill out the questionnaire (if you are a participant) or you will be getting a strike. 


Full name: here

Age: here

Orientation: here

occupation: here

Password: here


For any notes you may have about joining or the application form.




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yukhoe 6 days ago
kim dahyun juseyo ouo
mamita 6 days ago
jennie kim please!
DNABleached 1 week ago
a&r jung hoseok for me?
sak_lena_09 1 week ago
can I get chaeyoung from twice?
self-love 1 week ago
Torn between Jennie, Sana or getting an international fc
H e l p
PapaGyu 1 week ago
Jeon Jungkook please?
willpass 1 week ago
go shinwon please
DRAGONFLIES 1 week ago
kim doyeon pls
Everme29 1 week ago
Hmmm yeri or irene???
yexian 1 week ago
can you a&r sun zhenni for me please?
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