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born from a very impulsive decision, the albums is here to take your boredom away and to provide a fun filled place where you can ignore and forget about all the pressing replies you have to do.  our first priority is to have fun and let loose always!

the albums is a fun album-based rp where the rp theme is based off of different albums.  every once in a while we'll switch it up so that lots of different albums can be featured.  currently our theme is the debut mini album "gol-cha!" by golden child! 

(this is also a spiritual successor to moonblush - if you were a moonblush baby please sound off in the comments!)
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please fave the rp first before you do anything else.


all orientations rp.  asian descent only.  minor fcs are allowed.  no one deceased, married, or those who do not want to be rped please.


comment the full name of the character you would like to reserve.  reservations last 48 hours.  inactivity is set to a week.  please pm both admins if leaving, do not comment below.  if you do not pm, main admin will reaccept you.


first character is free.  second character requires an upvote + ad.  third requires another ad + 200 points on all characters.  fourth requires another ad + 300 points on all characters.  you are allowed two characters from the same group as long as the group has more than 6 members.


dating ban is for three days.  move in couples are allowed, please indicate that on your reservation that you are a move in couple.


50 points within 24 hours of joining or else you will get a warning.  please name a golden child member and summarize one rule.


no userchasing, facechasing, ooc drama, etc.  no ualization of minors.  all of those things will earn you a one way ticket out of here.  there is a rated room for all topics that are not fit for general audiences.  no minors are to use it, and no ual acts.  if you are not using the room when you should be - you will be warned and may be kicked out.  for more details/clarification on this room, please click here.  


be respectful and kind to everyone.  most of all, have fun!

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bae seungmin
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lee jangjun
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pumpkinking 6 days ago
dbfjdb i accidentally left my second can i get him back
kittenonaroll 1 week ago
can I get oneus's yeo hwanwoong as my second please~?
_cutiepieren_ 1 week ago
Choi Yoojung please..?
kittenonaroll 1 week ago
can I get a choi san please~?
Kiterunner 1 week ago
lee gahyeon pls!
PeachyKoo 1 week ago
oh lord, so kim namjoon, park jimin, or jeon jungkook i cant choose ; ;
miwarui 2 weeks ago
a&r lee jeno please ?
rose_petals 2 weeks ago
bp’s rose please!
kazino 2 weeks ago
hi kim chaewon pls
pumpkinking 2 weeks ago
lemme get daeyeol back-
shall i post another ad or?
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