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about us
Who are we
it's only been twenty years since the hybrids stopped hiding who they were, and humanity has been forced to live side by side with them. for some, it was easy. those who were lucky enough to not be so different, but the rest of us have had our fair share of struggles blending into a society that doesn't accept us just yet. the founders of ihybrid saw other universities turn hybrids away because of their appearance for the sake of their precious reputation, or even worse, take in a select number of hybrids to use to showcase their acceptance and diversity on campus.  the founders were sick of seeing our people become props to the humans, or simply barred from furthering their educations at all.

and thus, ihybrid was born. 

ihybrid is a massive, hybrid-only university, from faculty and staff to students, the entire campus designed by hybrids, for hybrids, and tailored to their every need, with plenty of modern technology and security, courtesy of how new the university itself was; it is considered one of the most advanced campuses, and offers more majors than any other, labeling it the world's top hybrid-exclusive university. 

* ihybrid is a university based, hybrid au that is heavily focused on character development. ihybrid university exists in a fictional city located in a fictional country, so there are no barriers to your characters and their backgrounds. 
basic rules
i. favoriting & upvoting is mandatory in order to have your character reserved.

ii. no ooc drama will be tolerated, under any circumstances. if you are being harassed, feel uncomfortable, or otherwise feel targeted or disrespected in any way by another member, contact an admin privately and we will handle it immediately.

iii. this is an au roleplay, so keep ooc speak to a minimum and in brackets, especially in the in character chat(s). no fourth wall breaking, please.

iv. keep and other potentially mature topics in appropriate rooms (i.e.; residences, walls, pms, etc), please. 

v. to avoid the possibility of character hogging, you are required to have a profile within five days of being accepted. it doesn't need to be anything fancy, however it should include enough basic information for others to be able to approach you for plotting.
character rules
i. second characters are available with an ad blog, and a third to be acquired once both characters have at least 300 points.

ii. when applying, consider your character's animal counterpart carefully, and be as creative as you'd like! do make sure that your counterpart is allowed by checking the bestiary room. remember to include the specific breed of animal (i.e.; spotted hyena, emperor scorpion, etc). note that you do not turn into your animal. the features you listed in your app are always present on your person.

iii. no deceased, problematic, or underage (below the age of 18 internationally) characters. likewise are the celebrities who specifically ask not to be roleplayed. your character's age may be altered within reason (three - five years maximum).

iv. no bubble rping, and no cliques! include yourself, as well as ensuring to include others. (especially if your character(s) are in relationships; do not only interact with their significant other!)

v. there is no dating ban, and move in couples are allowed, but major plots like: marriage, pregnancy, etc are to be run by an admin before engaging. 
activity rules
i. activity is set to seven days; you will have 48 hours upon receiving your warning to become active again before deactivation. 

ii. you must acquire at least 100 points within your first five days  of being here. the admins will also take into account your current threads if your character hasn't reached the point requirement, and are willing to be lenient if your character is still considered active (3 or more threads with different characters)

iii. hiatus & semi hiatus may last a maximum of two weeks. post in the hiatus request room & tag an admin to be placed on hiatus (pms / comments / any other room will not be honored).

iv. pm admin jake, and only admin jake, if you are leaving. 

v. ooc rooms will not count as activity; however there will be plenty of other opportunities to keep your character active & your muse high!

* you will be given one warning if you violate or disregard any of our guidelines.
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event 1 in the works!
update 001
we're open! the admin team would like to thank you for stopping by!
though the name ihybrid university is familiar to rpr, we are back with a big revamp, changing major plot points and adding more lore to the rp. 2020 semester will be the best one yet, guaranteed!
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* password is mandatory: summarize one rule from each section that you believe to be the most important. staff applicants may ignore major and year / grade. the subject section is for professors only. click here for application examples.


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kazino 3 hours ago
kim chaewon pls
seventeentv 1 day ago
yoon jeonghan? :0
-lait- 1 day ago
lemme back in ;u;
hissra [A] 1 day ago
HansBabyGirl 23 seconds ago
Also. I seriously love this rp
HansBabyGirl 1 day ago
I wanted to get a second character. Is there anything specific that you want me to put in the blog?
athanasiax 3 days ago
can you add and reserve yael shelbia for me please? thank you!
marvellous 4 days ago
hwang hyunjin pls? c:
HansBabyGirl 6 days ago
Chou Tzuyu, please~
euphrosyne [A] 1 week ago
⋆  ﹝ ❛ ᴀᴘᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴs ғᴏʀ ᴄᴀɴɪɴᴀᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ᴄʟᴏsᴇᴅ! ❜ ﹞  ⋆
DanielUchiha 1 week ago
oof- had the perfect muse for here but my fc is taken :xx
let me think of similar fc so that i can keep my muse and background and all that
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