☆stardust soul☆ ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏɴᴀᴜ ʀᴘ

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stardust soul。
stardust soul。
stardust soul。
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another chill nonau roleplay at your service. hoping to create many happy memories together and distract each other from the boredom of our daily lives
we have the same kind of stardust in our souls。
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01. Comment the full name of your desired character. reservations last 24 hours. Please favorite the roleplay before applying.

02. The usual rules: no out of character drama, user/facechasing, ualizing minors (individuals under the age of 18), etc.

03. inactivity is set to 5 days, 1 warning before being kicked. let an admin know if you need a hiatus, pm if leaving.

04. upon joining, please obtain 35 points within 24 hours.

05. there is a dating ban of 2 days and each individual must have 250 points.

06. your first 3 characters are free, 4th when all chracters have 200 points, 5th when you upvote, 6th after an ad, 7th after all the characters have 500 points, 8th after all charas reach 650 points, 9th after all charas reach 800 points 10th after all charas reach 1000 points. Internationals are welcomed, only 1 character per group.

07. please be considerate of others. let an admin know if there are any issues.

08. the password is stating the 4th rule + your favourite song atm. 
est 16.07.2020


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sebong 1 week ago
chungha? pls
ramensama 1 week ago
it's so pretty *___*
can i grab a kim seokwoo pleaseu
OweoCookie 1 week ago
Should I ?
[comment deleted by owner]
naviii 2 weeks ago
can I get kim hyungseo for my second pls
[comment deleted by owner]
ohwoahlotto 2 weeks ago
Chou Tzuyu plith ehe
diabolus 2 weeks ago
jung jaehyun pls
kaibongs 2 weeks ago
im nayeon jsy
willpass 2 weeks ago
help me.
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