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love and uwu! 愛と家

About The Roleplay

Lorem ipsum welcomes you to this humble abode where little ducks and green hulks reside. Here, pretty much everything goes. We're just a smol fam wanting to be in each other's company because life keeps pulling us apart.

That being said, we welcome you to be the duckling that you are, minus the ugly part, cuz fam, we lit. Nobody in this house is ugly shssjsjskks ♡


It might look like your normal boring apartment au, but... yeah, it is your normal boring apartment au, what'd ya expect e n e it depends on YOU to make it fun! Fun and excitement takes effort, okay?! ♡♡♡♡♡ You can choose an occupation for your faceclaim as well as an apartment unit! Whoop! ♡

Rules and Guidelines

01 :  As usual, favourite the roleplay. Upvotes are welcomed! ♡ Blog posts to advertise this place is appreciated!!!♡

02 : All nationalities & all orientations are allowed. Faceclaims must be 18 years old or older. No minors allowed. Banned FCs are problematic idols (Seungri, AOA's Jimin), idols who wish to not be roleplayed (Christian Yu, IU), and deceased idols (Jonghyun, Sulli).

03 : Each rper is allowed 6 faceclaims & allowed to play from the same group / category. We won't ask you to upvote or put up a blog if y'all want extra charas tbh. I mean, if this place is active, people are gonna come irregardless. Inactivity is set to 10 days lmao cuz we're here to chill tbh. PM admin Momo if going on hiatus or leaving. Don't poof on us ;w; Even though I said it's a chill rp, but that doesn't mean it's okay for you to hog a character and post only once in a week. 

04 :  Keep all mature contents on walls / pms ya nasties. Any ooc tea or drama, please keep it out of this rp. Keep yall's facechasing and userchasing to a minimum, cuz it's impossible to fully prevent this, let's be honest. But any sign of yall being cliques and admin ohse will turn into a hulk e n e No ualisation of minors, of course. And all of the usual nasties. Ew.

05 : This is an apartment au. So your faceclaim is not an idol / actor here. Choose a different occupation that you'd like them to have & be creative! 


06 : Spread only love and uwu! This place is pretty chill and relaxed, not much strict rules, but please do keep in mind of the usual common no-no's, yall know them. I only ask that you respect the existing rules.

How to Join 

01 : Comment your faceclaim's full name.

02 : The password is "I'm a/an (insert adjective) duck." E.g: I'm a fabulous duck.

please don't ask the admins to add a chara if you're not gonna apply in the end.

Application Form

Full Name
Occupation (for those who dunno what to be + )

++ put up a basic profile upon acceptance ♡

hulks (scroll)


Main Hulk.
Takes care of events


Takes care of rp rooms


GMT -6.
So Active, Much Muse
Takes care of apt. rooms


Takes care of masterlist / comments





EST. 080620


soff apt. au




Total / 000


male / 000


female / 000


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Yikessir 1 day ago
Shudu Gram please
konggie 1 day ago
Park jimin?
jiasstory [A] 1 day ago
note: activity check has ended, if you got kicked out feel free to move back in!
rasengan 2 days ago
can I get justin huang?
teddybearjelly 2 days ago
lee daewhi please
s 2 days ago
Jeong Sanghyeok please
holoqueen 3 days ago
Can i request for Kim Taeyeon thank you!
-pearls [A] 3 days ago
just gonna slide in here and add lee siyeon :D
cloneist 3 days ago
can i request kim hanbin?? thanks
FiascoNMK [A] 3 days ago
knock knock
add Zendaya Coleman pls and thank you
love you xxxx
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