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manoban lalisa
senior student
park sooyoung
fashion desigN
junior student
ahn heeyeon
son chaeyounG
junior studenT
admin name
— serpentine university

serpentine university is a newly minted academia by the government to pick out the best among us. the vigorous curriculum is designed to separate the inadequate from the invincible. not only will you be stretched to your limits, your skills will be honed and crafted to cater to the ever growing workforce. the aim of the curriculum is to develop well-balanced students that excel in every single field. only the best of the best survive in this extremely competitive environment. students are sellected to this university to raise up their knowledge and to polish their talents but the one question remains - do you think you have what it takes?

— info
pls read

there is an info room for you to put up an id card- you have a code in the room


put it up as soon as you can!

— rules
001. favourite this roleplay. an upvote is well-loved.
002. mixed pov / detailed / au / all orientations - plot out your character - strictly no one-liners. status: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate.
003. one character per person – wanting more? upvote and let the admin know.
004. no god-modding. same goes for face-chasing.
005. we live for ic drama. however, once that transitions to ooc, you will be expelled.
006. inactive sign appears after seven days. when that happens, you will be warned once. you have 24 hours left before expulsion.
007. password is serpentsortia.
008. apply for a character with the right application form below. please check the masterlist to see if they have been claimed beforehand. reservation only lasts for 24 hours.
009. internationals yes.
010. once accepted, please set up your student id. you can have another separate profile, but the id is compulsory.
011. only in the rated rooms. we don't want some minor walking into your .
012. student x teacher is very allowed, encouraged even.
013. remember to have fun! i know we seem aggressive but i swear, it's just the caps.


— application
full name
insert here
age / status
insert here
insert here
insert here
insert here


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-cherryblossom 1 week ago
taehyung is leaving, im getting too busy
wangxian 1 month ago
Could you add Wang Yibo please?
gordonramsay 1 month ago
kim chaewon please
Shadysback 1 month ago
okay, bear with me. Could you please add kim-ah-joong?
doodling 1 month ago
park jihoon please
starstar_ 1 month ago
Add and reserve Cho Miyeon please! Thank you
oaixxia 1 month ago
Chu Sojung please
[comment deleted by owner]
chrysalis 1 month ago
hello there, i'd like to reserve bae irene (hopefully i didn't miss her on the masterlist)
TaeBird 1 month ago
hi! could i get son hyejoo <3
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