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character name
❛ hanabatake
❛ hanabatake
❛ hanabatake
established 31.july.2020
roleplay type — non-au
status — revamping
feature date — 00.month.2020
We are a /male muse only safe haven, where you can escape the stress of every day life and find your other half at your own pace. We look forward to a few new family members!

Do join us and give us a try!
rule one: favorite the roleplay first, upvotes are appreciated. Check the masterlist to see if your muse is available before commenting your muses full name. reservations last 48 hours. you are allowed two cc's per character. we do not allow minors (ooc & faceclaim)
rule two: we do not accept any ooc drama of any kind. if you find you're having problems, message an admin asap and the problem will be rectified.
rule three: keep ooc out of all in character rooms. if you absolutely nooed to use ooc please make sure to use the usual brackets.
rule four: no god-modding, no unnecessary drama or rudeness, easy on the crack, fairly standard rule for most if not all roleplays.
rule five: password is feelin' peachy. we want limited drama and if any is to occur discuss it ooc first.
rule six: no dating ban but  make sure you know your partner before getting together. we do allow move-in couples. however do interact with everyone else too
rule seven: please get 50 points upon being accepted here. admins will be keeping up with it and if you fail to get them within 48 hours we will give you a strike.
rule eight: strikes are kept track of for not getting 50 points inactivity, and drama/complaints. Three strikes and you're out and will not be able to re-join.
rule nine: you may start off with two characters. the third is 300 points + a blog post.  The maximum number of characters you can have is 4. The 4th character is at the judgement of the admin team based upon activity levels.
rule ten: no face chasing. no user chasing. talk to everyone, and if you don't want to please keep your interactions in your own room or on your walls. the chat is for everyone and we want it to be a happy place.
rule eleven: inactivity is set to seven days. we aren't going to put up with character hogging so you get two warnings. period.  if you go inactive three times you are kicked out and not allowed to join back.
rule twelve: if you want to leave or you want a hiatus, pm an admin. do not comment on the roleplay. same goes for anything else you may hae a question about or an issue that needs handling.
rule thirteen: if you join with the intention to not have a relationship, but wish to sleep around please state this in your profile/status. its a way to avoid unnecessary drama ic. i was kidding the password is actually flower shower.
full name: idol's full name
group: idol's group
age: idol's age
ooc age: your age
timezone: your timezone
password: look very hard
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689c76934f992953088b 3 months ago
can i change hyunsuk to jo gyehyeon?
keyboardsmash 3 months ago
can i reserve choo mingi?
capitalist 3 months ago
Baekhyun please and thank you.
-beidou 3 months ago
could I reserve Lee keonhee please,
Periodt 3 months ago
Could I please get Kim Mingyu?
reboot 3 months ago
jang youseok please
moonflower 3 months ago
could I get han jisung pls
nunchi 3 months ago
Copping a feel on a second chara: imma have yutaro goto pls
pacemaker 3 months ago
casually places this here because i love this place and i love all of you so so mucho

kwon soonyoung 2 minutes ago Reply
here at hanabatake: everyone is cute and i'm soff for yall
Periodt 3 months ago
could I please cc Kim Youngkyun to Park Seonghwa, if possible?
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