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Bumbershoot institute.
ut malum pluvia .
est. 2020
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all you have to know
the umbrella academy is an academy where all children
who were born with special abilities were adopted into
by a multimillionaire genius named sir reginald
hargreeves. The original members of the family, luther,
diego, allison, klaus, number 5, ben and vanya hargreeves 
have proven that this organization is worth keeping to
the government as they are humanity's last hope when
the police and armies fail to protect the weak. under a
revamped name, bumbershoot institute, with courtesy of
the us government, aims to protect and save the entire 
human race from unspecified dangers and crimes.
The commission is an organization that was designed to 
protect the timeline and the order of events throughout 
history, from the cruxification of jesus christ to the 
appointment of the us president. The commision also
deals with cases of time travellers and rogue commission 
staffs that poses a threat to the timeline and smooth 
sailing of the world's history.
rules & guidelines.
1. Favourite is a must! Upvotes are very much appreciated.
2. You can choose to either be in the bumbershoot
institute, the commission or a normal civilian.
3. This is a superhero au, everything is possible! The
umbrella academy was dysfunctional so drama in ic is 
welcomed. but, ooc drama will not and never will be 
tolerated, be nice!
4. Love is love, all orientations are welcomed!
5. International fcs are accepted bubz!
6. 1 superpower = 3 characters only (exp: if three different
characters have the same power, the next character
must pick a different power)
7. Unallowed fcs - anyone who openly stated that they are
not comfortable with being rped, dead
people (istg)
8. max amount of charas is 3 characters. (with conditions
ofc, check requests room)
9. Please check the wishlist for the wanted characters.
it'll make us very very happy to have our wishes 
10. No cliques please~ Mingle with everyone or you'll be 
11. Password is who is your fav member from TUA or who
your fav superhero/villain is
12. Reservations last for 24 hours.
13. There are Non-playable charas in here that you can 
interact with (exp: the handler, pogo etc.). No plotting
with them or wall rps. Pms are open for questions only.
14. Any problems regarding the idea of this rp, don't be 
shy to pm the admins or "bots"/npcs.
15. Inactivity sign will be up after 2 weeks of inactivity. 1
week to get rid of it before getting kicked.\
16. is only allowed in rated m rooms & walls only!
17. you are expected to have a basic profile up in 48 hours
(power, orientation, basic backstory etc.)
beast summoning
Lorem ipsum dolor sit
Lorem ipsum dolor sit
Lorem ipsum dolor sit
Namenumber 5
Member of?bumbershoot inst.
superpower (optional for
members of the commission)teleportation
passwordsee rules
est. 2020
coded by yxgurt


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eternalsnow 1 year ago
i am so sorry guys but five needs to leave, I am losing muse in writing these days and too busy with work. I actually enjoyed my time here may you guys take care
Idontlikeyou 2 years ago
Can I join as Emmy Raver-Lampman?
orangesicle 2 years ago
not sure if i should apply for civilian or commission member :c who would you guys want more?
Everme29 2 years ago
Stella Maxwell please~
kurokawa 2 years ago
hh may I join as ellen page, please? ;u;
eternalsnow 2 years ago
I am so excited for this. But why there is no slot for aidan?
luciferian 2 years ago
im not done with szn 1
is joining this gonna give me any spoilers
Guarded 2 years ago
May I get Tyler blackburn?
Guarded 2 years ago
Well hello.
MetoChan 2 years ago
Is Robert Sheehan up for grabs?
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