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··  welcome to anhagenexi  ··
· 河 星 雲。
✧ events. 
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about us.
Welcome to AHNAGENEXI, the reborn galaxy.

Have you heard about  earth? Well, bad knews, it does not exist anylonger. What does exist is the new galaxy, anhagenexi. it's full of great planets, new species and, oh what is that? Space pirates? Rebels? Don't worry, the peace organisation will take care of it.
so, go ahead, choose your place, your new home planet, and settle in.
✧ rules 



Favorite the roleplay! Upvotes are optional but are very much appreciated。


Reservations lasts for 48 hours! first come first serve. please check the masterlist before asking for your desired muse. comment the full name of your muse when reserving。


STRICTLY no OOC drama. IC drama is okay as long as both sides have given consent。


inactivity is set for 8 days. you will be given 48 hours to remove the sign, 。


if in need of a hiatus, just tag a greenie/admin at the requests room. if leaving, please do not comment on the rp. instead, pm an admin。


3 characters are allowed
2: 100 points + blog post

3: 200 points at both characters. psst! the password is buzz lightyear's catchphrase, we're sure you know it. If not, google is your friend ;))。


muses must be over 18! you cannot faceclaim a muse under 18。


dating ban of 1 weeks, pregnancy ban for 4 weeks。


set up a display picture and simple profile right away. You can ask the admins for help if needed. iF YOU NEED HELP WITH THE LORE OR OTHERS, pm the admins. do not godmod as well and do not make your characters overpowered (use weaknesses)。



lastly, have fun and enjoy your stay! uwu 

✧ application 
Full Name (+ bAND)
age (aging up allowed)

- system detection. traveller approaching.

welcome to AHNAGENEXI, the reborn galaxy.

if you're searching for a planet named earth, it no longer exists in this timeline. unfortunately, it seems that planet had already died long ago, and history of it and its home solar system are quite vague. but no matter, syzygy will welcome you with open arms!

watch your belongings, and maybe your limbs too. you are now entering the new universe. come, make yourself feel at home. 
✧ update 
⊹ ˚ * . ⋆ ✧✵ ✧ ✫ · * ⊹ · ✷ ˚ · ⊹ ✵ · ✧· . *⊹ ˚ * . ⋆ ✧✵ ✧ . + ✫ · * ⊹ · ✷ ˚ · ⊹ ✵ · ✧· . *⊹ ˚ * . ⋆ ✧✵ . + ✫ · * ⊹ · ✷ ˚ · ⊹ ✵ · ✧· . *。


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yoshinori from treasure??
iwonhoyou 3 days ago
Favoriting and going to stalk for a little bit
loch_ness 6 days ago
hi hi, a&r wayv's dejun for me please!
ShyShy 1 week ago
Can I have Shownu from Monsta X
rainingpetals 2 weeks ago
Oooooo this is nice :o
mercury_ 2 weeks ago
a&r lee siyeon please~
gospel 2 weeks ago
slap me with im changkyun
TaeKook 3 weeks ago
Lee Felixplease
RoseKpopLover 3 weeks ago
Please reserve Kim Seungmin for me <3
kittyxcat 3 weeks ago
could i get Lee Jooheon?
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