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Γαληνή (galini)。

Γαληνή (galini)。

Γαληνή (galini)。

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In a world very similar to our own exists a land below the surface of the sea. A sunken village serving as refuge for people blessed by gods of water but afflicted by war and poverty, struggling to make ends meet. These people go by the name of Thalassans, the spawns of the goddess herself and the disciples of her daughter Galene. And as the goddess of calm seas protected and cared for them, watched over thalassan kind even when her mother had given up on them, early thalassans saw it fit to name this land in her honor, declare her their diety and worship her as thanks. It took them a little time and countless lives, but thalassans have worked their way toward prospering with the help of their goddess, and their counterparts.

Just above it is a land by the name of Paradisi, an island made from lands broken off by tough battles and one that holds a similar purpose to Galini below. Much like with their sea-born brethren, its people were abandoned by their mother goddess Gaia, but so much so she didn't want anything to do with them. Aside from warring with thalassans and being ditched by Gaia and the Horae (sans Eirene), aside from having to abandon their Gaian name to take up being Terrans with slight shame, the Terrans have also come a long way to ensure their own success. They built for themselves a land they could call paradise, a land they let goddess Eirene bless in order to live. And though tension still remains between them and the ones below, everyone seems to be happy for the most part.

Despite all of that, this roleplay is still one where in character conflict and hardship are encouraged for development. It can be one where you can discriminate against people who are different from you out of hurt or envy, it can be one you use to go to war with them, secretly fall in love with them and get banished by your people when you're caught with them. This roleplay is one where you have the creative liberty to twinkle in the sun like a y emo vampire, a roleplay you can oggle at hot beach babes in while or without being called a , one where you can live out your lifeguard fantasies or maybe unleash your inner cult leader/religious enthusiast. This is a roleplay where you have a lot of creative freedom, and one you have the ability to make an interesting character in. Why not make use of that?

section |
About The Roleplay。

⸢ ♆ : disclaimers。 ⸥

We will not accept accounts that are less than 6 months old. If your profile is private, we will ask you to unprivate so we can see your join date. If you are on a new account, tell us your old username, but if you're a brand new user, please let us know! If found lying, you will be removed.

We reserve the right to not accept any applications we feel do not meet the standard.

We also reserve the right to remove you from the roleplay for breaking the rules or if we receive a number of complaints about you. We have in place a three-strike system and you will be given a 2 hour notice before you are officially removed unless we deem it necessary to remove you effective immediately.

Do not join this roleplay if you're going to play games and try to leave then come back shortly after. After being reaccepted once, we will not welcome you back for a week if you leave again.

If you can't respect the admins, you will not be respected and removed effective immediately.

⸢ ♆ : general rules。 ⸥

Favorite and upvote if you really like us, and learn about what you're getting into before you join the roleplay.

Check the citizen list (to the side) before you reserve a character, then use the comment format (below). Reservations last 24 hours before your desired FC is up for grabs again. For now, you are allowed two characters of different types. You will be able to unlock more further down the road.

If you wish to leave the roleplay, PM Galini Governor. Failure to do so will result in you being banned/blacklisted from the roleplay.

Out of character drama will not be tolerated. Leave your OOC elsewhere and/or handle that in private. Any issues, please report them to Galini HR or go to your personal PMs instead of publicly discussing them. You will be warned once and/or kicked if found causing drama. Please just be on your best behaviour.

Make sure you are keeping any and all ual conversations and sensitive topics, threads, and images to your own personal walls and PMs. We do not want or need that in any of our chats and rooms that are not rated for that reason.

⸢ ♆ : roleplaying rules。 ⸥

Keep IC and OOC separate. If you wanna break character, do so strictly in the OOC room or on walls/in PMs. This also means you will not rp in the OOC room. We don't want you and someone else roleplaying in a space not meant for it.

We aim to be a semi-literate to literate roleplay. You can treat most every roleplaying room like an IC chat and do both threads and casual rping. For organization, we suggest you make use of the tagging feature as well as the "Just About You" section.

There should be no text talk or emojis/emoticons and the like save for in the OOC chat and wherever else appropriate.

⸢ ♆ : muse rules。 ⸥

Characters in this roleplay are to be given new names and only addressed by these names when speaking IC unless their IRL name is apart of your character’s history. This RP is an OC (Original Character) RP, so that basically means you will keep their appearance, but everything else is pretty much free game.

We will accept any faceclaim from anywhere of any orientation so long as: a) they are alive in real life, b) they are 18 or older IRL, c) they are not married, and d) they are not an ulzzang, an ig model, a cosplayer, or a youtuber/influencer. If your faceclaim has been involved in a crime (ie: Seungri, Jung Joonyoung, etc) or stated they do not want to be roleplayed (ie: Christian Yu, IU, f(x) Luna), they will also not be accepted.

You may CC up to two times a month, and you'll have to reapply when/if you do, should you change names. We do not do temporary character changes. You decide who you want to be and stick with it.

⸢ ♆ : activity rules。 ⸥

Inactivity starts after 8 days of not posting. That means you have 1 week, and a 1 day grace period to get active. If you happen to go inactive, you will be kicked without warning. Click here to go on hiatus if need be. Also know that you will not be able to rejoin the roleplay for three days if you go inactive. During this time, your faceclaim will be up for grabs.

You will also have one week from the day you joined to do an introduction and reach 9 points (3 being from threads, and 6 being from anything else) in order to stay in the roleplay. This rule is subject to change later on if we see it's very easy to complete. Do not join if you’re going to hog faceclaims.

⸢ ♆ : relationship rules。 ⸥

There is a two week, three thread, and 50 point dating ban. This means both partners will need to have been in the rp for at least two weeks, have to have at least 3 ongoing threads, and 50 points. Moving couples are allowed, but must immediately state their relationship in the couples room after joining.

Marriage will be allowed for couples dating for at least a month. Pregnancy will be allowed with permission of admin pixels.

section |
Rules and Guidelines。

⸢ ♆ : how to comment。 ⸥

Please use the following format to comment. Those who do not will be ignored.

•.*★ comment format。 “[Group + Member], a [Terran/Thalassan] by the name of [OC Name], is ready to make a splash!”

Example of how to comment: “Actress Lee Jooyoung, a Terran by the name of Aineeda Brayk, is ready to make a splash!”

You don't actually have to come up with a full last name yet, just an initial. If you have a faceclaim in mind, but you're lazy or can't come up with anything and if interested in premade character, click here before you comment!

section |
How to Join Part I。

⸢ ♆ : how to apply。 ⸥

The following is what you would put in your official application and submit when you go to apply for your character. Again, make sure you've read over everything clearly, then use the following format to apply. Those who do not will be ignored.

IC Portion

  • Group & Faceclaim
  • IRL Age ; Age in the RP (can be modified by 3 years either way as long as they stay 18+)
  • Thalassan or Terran?
  • How do they feel about the other species? (3 sentences minimum)
  • What kind of upbringing did they have and how does that influence who they are today? (minimum of 5 sentences)
  • What are their top three good habits?
  • What are their top three bad habits?
  • Their Moral Alignment (Lawful / Netural / Chaotic & Good / Neutral / Evil)
  • Occupation

OOC Portion

  • Timezone (In GMT format, please.)
  • Are you claiming a skeleton? If yes, which one?
  • Are you apart of a move-in couple? If yes, with whom and how long have you been together?
  • Do you have any more questions? (They will be answered by our Governor mod.)
section |
How to Join Part II。
section |
Our Current Staff。

⸢ ♆ : current citizens。 ⸥

* NOTE: If bolded with a star, they are an admin. If italicized with numbers, they are reserved. If tthey have an asterisk, they are claiming a skeleton. Names and groups are in alphabetical order.


  • Jung Soojung (Anastasiya)


  • Lalisa (Kidagakash)
  • Park Chaeyoung (Calypso)


  • Kim Taehyung (Atticus)


  • Lee Gahyeon (Delfina)


  • Kim Jongin (Erik)


  • Name


  • Jung Jinsoul (Linh) ★


  • Johnny Seo (Hedon)
  • Jung Jaehyun (Hugo)
  • Ten (Vaan) ★
  • Wong Yukhei (Enzhe) ★

Oh My Girl

  • Kim Jiho (Juniper)


  • Liu Ye (Wisteria)

Red Velvet

  • Kang Seulgi (Sinna)


  • Yoon Jeonghan (Aslan)

Stray Kids

  • Hwang Hyunjin (Caspian)


  • Son Chaeyoung (Amethyst)
section |

⸢ ♆ : current event。 ⸥

Information about the event goes here and you can type as much as you want because this scrolls. For the picture, make sure it's a header type photo so it's not too big, but also make sure it isn't too small.

section |
Current Event。
section |
Featured Members。


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