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scroll down.

he world of dragons was on the brink of extinctions, that was until man intervened and made a deal with the beast. They would allow their numbers to grow but their offspring would serve mankind, whether that'd be as a servant or as a guard was completely up to their owner. Without much hope for the future of their race most of the dragons had agreed to their terms, surrendering their eggs when it came close to hatching time. The eggs were sent to the four different clans, to be chosen and hatched by their owners to serve them until it came time for the cycle to begin again.
A new tradition came to be, between the clans, after each hatching the young men that have gained a dragon would be sent on a journey to test their strength and bond. hoping to grow each stronger for a chance to compete for the crown. Each season brought more hatchlings and their masters, bringing more to test their skills against and possibly more enemies within the clans. The losers' fate chosen by the victor, be it a missing limb, service, or even their dragon.
Though, not all dragons had agreed to their terms, very few managed to escape the humans and hide. Occasionally challenging the new oppressors and their pets.

The best way for me to describe the time era, is to have you look at Naruto. They lived in simple villages with limited electronics. And varies clans and some hidden. Best way to describe how I am view this. I am sorry for my poor description. So know that while we have electricity and such, we don't have cell phones, but walkie talkies.


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The must: Favoriting and Keep OOC and Icc separate..
Please read all information before applying, please ask any questions you have so we can get you better situated. 
There is no character limit, please keep active though, when leaving, you can comment below please use same one you reserved with.
Eggs will have to wait until they are bought or to be chosen during hatching season, so please keep that in mind when applying. Do not ignore messages from this rp when event starts or when you are chosen. You were warned about the wait. .
Check banlist to know whom is forbidden. And Possible Dragons & masterlist to see which FC has been claimed..
Relations between humans and dragons are forbidden. Only those with power can get away with this, because they paid a fee or have yet to be caught.

 This is an Event based Roleplay, please participate to make things more exciting and get trolled by the dice..
Please remember, dragons are not free, they are servants. SO no dragon has the freedom a human does unless they are a Rogue Dragon..
tips: comment below for the type of character you want. i.e. human, hunter, rogue dragon, or already owned dragon. note that the rogue dragons will not be taking anymore omegas for the time being.
Doesn't have to be actual
Age. Dragons can be
Ancient. Humans, not so
Summer, Ice, Desert, Or Mist.
Rogues only live in
Rogue Village
Check list for and idea,
not all jobs are listed.
Humuns: TBS
Dragons: ABO & Breed. 


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YouDidWell 1 hour ago
Are we able to ask for two characters at once?
decayedwings 5 days ago
I'm debating between Koichi and Sena...
what do you need more by the way?
humans or dragons?
toothlessplanet 5 days ago
okay so i wanna be an egg and then a human. i'm sure the info is there but i just wanna make sure: i just apply for an egg with the regular app but i don't share my identity?
The_Devil 1 week ago
Can you reserve Xiu Akay please thank you u w u
DreamlessMaiden 1 week ago
Can you reserve a char called Alma for me please? ty!
nevermore_ 1 week ago
i see that Shindou Wataru was wished for?
Can I request if available?
gardania_multistan 1 week ago
Shownu* TT
Xanarchy_Love19 1 week ago
Sen Mitsuji as a 3rd please?
Hiro-Nokubura 1 week ago
Yuga please
DreamlessMaiden 1 week ago
can I have my 3rd char be a human, Lee Hoseok please
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