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EST. 2020
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section : statics
typeapartment au
wantedmore girls!
eventcoming soon!
noticewe're hiring
openingsept. 1, 2020
otherenjoy your stay
section : featured
name here
name here
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section : admins
s. mingi
1/2 main admin
k. byeongkwan
1/2 main admin
admin name
admin name
admin name
section : infobox
Welcome to sunshineplace, a simple, chill apartment complex. Home to just about anyone and everyone you coUld think of, we're always happy to welcome new faces.
Come share your story and make some new friends with us!
section : guidlines
one. favorite the rp, no entry without this! upvotes are loved but aren't needed.

two. this is an au, be as creative as you please with your muses bios and all. 

three. this is an all orient and international accepting rp; you can be whoever the hell you want, date who you want - we don't care.

four. move in couples are allowed; no dating ban just be realistic and don't start drama over it. move in couples still have to roll for individual rooms unless married.

five. be respectful - anything is allowed with the permission of your partner minus forced/rpe plots.

six. 14 day activity cap; you get a 24 hour warning.

seven. 6 muses per person. second comes with a blog post, the rest are 200 points per each muse added.

eight. upon being accepted, please head over to the 'dibs' room before anything else! after you roll the dice in the 'dibs' room, we will put your room number as a part of your name and then properly welcome you into sunshine place. after you've been properly welcomed then you may interact with other people!

nine. profiles up in 48 hours. we don't care what kind or how detailed.

ten. password is your favorite candy.

eleven. pm an admin when leaving or needing a hiatus.
max hiatus is two weeks, extention is one extra.
semi hiatus is a month.
section : application
full namehwang hyunjin
passwordseek and find


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BooJae- 1 week ago
lee hoseok please!
Beelzebul 1 week ago
Shouldn't you delete comments of those you kick out?
pumpkinking 1 week ago
may i request koo junhoe please
EtherealMoonlight 2 weeks ago
could I get park jimin as my 2nd please?
ssibal 2 weeks ago
Park Jungsoo please?
-firstoption- 2 weeks ago
han seungwoo pls
oh_mine 2 weeks ago
can I have bae irene?
blow-this-taco-stand 2 weeks ago
shohei! but he doesnt have last name revealed.
Hiro-Nokubura 2 weeks ago
Do I want to
Attempt a woman first
Or stick with Hiro
Or just do a blog now
And get both
Lord-Orochi 2 weeks ago
-is judging Mama- Josh, please....
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