⤜ DREAM LAUNCH ⤛ 。┊ a chill hybrid!au with a little bit of magic ┊ open and accepting! ┊ welcome to the island ♡ ┊ women where art thou?

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hybrid au
newly opened
created by naichakun
about us
all aboard the ship! one destination, dreamscape island。

we all know that humankind can sometimes be very unforgiving to those who do not fit into their norms. every so often, a number of hybrids out there are being taken advantage of, are getting treated unfairly, or are simply left unloved, ignored and isolated. but with the help of a hybrid-friendly organization, a few good-hearted humans (and perhaps a little bit of arcane assistance as well), they purchased a beautiful island situated a little out into the pacific in order to establish their dream plan. despite the bit of resentment they received for doing so, the project was funded heftily by other friendly organizations and soon enough, an equally beautiful town stood upon the island, surrounded by well-kept forests and white sand beaches。

it may seem like nothing more than a fancy vacation getaway, but this town was purposely made to protect and house hybrids from all over the world. humans are still allowed on the island in order to promote cordiality, but only in small numbers and separate residential areas. the dream plan is to remove the stigma that surrounds the relationships between human and hybrid, and at the same time, to provide a warm and welcoming place for those that the rest of the world still refuse to accept. so, grab yourself a boarding ticket, everything else on the cruise comes free. welcome to dreamscape island! please, make yourself feel at home。
one ╱ favorite the rp. upvotes are not mandatory but are greatly appreciated!
two ╱ comment below the full name of your desired faceclaim. reservations last for 48 hours
three ╱ since this is meant to be a chill rp with moderate to calm pacing, inactivity is set to 12 days. once inactive, you will be given one warning and 48 hours to remove the sign before getting yeeted. though, you are always welcome to return anytime! uwu
four ╱ if in need of a break or a hiatus, please tag an admin or greenie in the requests room. when leaving, please do not comment on the rp. instead, pm an admin for that as well
five ╱ there is a maximum of 3 characters per person. a second chara will cost 8o points and an advert blog. a third will be given when you reach 200 points on the first chara, but will cost 100 points from your second. 
six ╱ strictly no ooc drama. for any issues, please speak to an admin or to the person of concern. ic drama is fine as long as both sides have agreed to it.
seven ╱ lastly, have fun and enjoy your stay ♡ oh- and the password is milktea uwu
full namehere
hybrid/human(4 / 6 humans allowed atm)
short backgroundmin. of 3 sentences
passwordcheck the rules




female name
male name
coming soon。
yangyang l.
main admin
minho l.
ten l.
管理 : admin
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管理 : admin
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Shin0801 3 days ago
lee jongsuk please
the_lovely_bunny 1 week ago
chou tzuyu pls
nene-chan 1 week ago
marvellous 2 weeks ago
jung wooyoung, pls! c:
daybreak 2 weeks ago
lisa manoban pls
Am-Potat 2 weeks ago
Applying for my second!
ragingRavn 2 weeks ago
Christopher Bang pls :3
teardrcps 2 weeks ago
May i second Lee Naeun?
taexotic 2 weeks ago
park jimin pls ^^
chankyu10 2 weeks ago
Can I get park chanyeol please
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