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a cute little place for lost souls who need some love during times like these. enjoy your stay and make memories to last forever!

est. 14 sep 2020
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia
roleplay trivia

About the rp

 a cute au rp for those who are in dire need of just some cute fluffy plots.

welcome to love high

  a high school nestled inbetween the comfortable buildings of the city provides education with love and dedication to humans and hybrids alike. you can't possibly find a place filled with more love than here.


you can either join as a human or hybrid. we allow all kinds of animal hybrids so just name one in your application!

you can decided whether or not your character can switch forms. but they'll always have certain traits their animal counterpart has. 

rules & guidelines

ONE upvote and favourite please!

TWO please keep ooc drama out. if you have an issue resolve it in pm. ic drama welcomed

THREE no face chasing and user chasing

FOUR no cliques,talk to everyone. if i see someone being ignored,i will throw paws 

FIVE we accept all orientations and international muses

SIX We only accept seniors. so please make sure your character is over the age of 18 so noone's uncomfortable.

SEVEN you have 7 days before you are considered inactive and will be given two warnings before you are removed

EIGHT pw - cufluffle 


we don't have many rules so please make sure to follow them. 

How to Join & App

ONE favorite the rp and comment below to reserve a character. taking a look at hte wishlist might help.

TWO read the rules, find the pw, pick a race.

THREE last but not least, fill out the application form below


name: here

age and hybrid if one: here

club( if teacher,subject): here

grade: here

pw: here


For any questions you may have about joining or the application form just comment below.




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TaeKook 3 months ago
Mark Lee please
TaeKook 3 months ago
Mark Lee please
Vivian_Blue2023 3 months ago
may I join
KingNavi 4 months ago
Sounds great and fun. May I join?
dimmadome 4 months ago
hwang hyunjin pls~
-devilish 4 months ago
park chaeyoung pls?
Crazy_Ex_girlfriend 4 months ago
leaving a soft fav and upvote for my loves
shotaro 4 months ago
can i get nakamoto yuta?
gospel 4 months ago
im changkyun please
ShyShy 4 months ago
Im joining cause how cute it is lol
can I get Wonho from Monsta X?
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