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a spooky getaway.
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basic info.
Welcome welcome! Come one, come all to your own 31 days of Halloween! Spooktober is your average nonau, semicrack rp where all Halloween lovers can get together and spook it up! .

There honestly isn't much to say here other that: I hope you all enjoy your stay here in Spooktober! It was a quick little idea for the spirit of Halloween!. 

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rules & guidlines.
1. favorite the rp before applying for your character
2. upvotes are optional but much appreciated. inactivity is set for 10 days!
3. chatrooms have what are and are not allowed, please do not complain if someone is speaking within those rules and you happen to dislike it. the rooms are what they are, im not changing anything unless multiple people have an issue.
4. this isn't a "Halloween based" rp so please don't get upset if people are mainly chatting in the chat rooms. I just love halloween and wanted to show my spooky spirit. + there are rooms for rping though uwu
5. you may have unlimited characters after reaching 100 points with your first character. they cannot be from the same group though.

6. there is no dating ban, fall in love immediately you want hdhdjd, just be sure to still converse with others! + move-in couples are welcomed.
7. please welcome everyone and interact with everyone, our I'll send you a jumpscare :/
8. password is your favorite Halloween movie. if you don't have a favorite halloween-esque movie, then what's your favorite candy?
9. there will be movie nights + game nights and all are welcome to participate if you'd like uwu. forewarning: will be spooky movies/shows involved.

10. NO ooc drama whatsoever. If you join and you see someone you don't like, ignore them. Don't interact with them. Please don't PM me about them unless they are doing something directly to you or speaking ill about you.
11. no ualizing minors. No further explanation needed yo.
12. Internationals allowed! All orientations allowed!
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est. 2017
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dubulge 18 hours ago
hi eue
puddin [A] 5 days ago
× checked
× please make sure to favourite the rp before commenting or applying
wassowasso 5 days ago
could i get oh sehun?
LilacTears 6 days ago
May I get Yabuki Nako? uwu
seagulll 1 week ago

lukhei [A] 1 week ago
× checked
× please make sure to favourite the rp before commenting or applying
cinnabunns 1 week ago
let's get ooky and spooky!
can i have kim sori pwease~?

don't worry, i won't use the pwease again.
dalgonabirdie 1 week ago
can i have choi jisu (lia) pls <3
wolgwang 1 week ago
hellow i need help
seagulll 1 week ago
tiM e TO dEAcTIVAte
tWAs fUN
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