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Admin Felix
Admin Jisung
Let's Fall in Love

skz polyrp.

this is a non-au roleplay for the members of stray kids, all members are to (eventually) be romantically involved. you're more than welcome to bring in character drama to the table, angst and hurt are encouraged as well, but the end all be all is a 8-person relationship. slow burn? aboely. one-sided attraction? nice. love triangle? unrequited feelings? any and all mess is welcome, just remember the end goal. 
001. please favorite before applying . 002. check the (very small) masterlist to see if your fc is avaliable and comment. reservations last for 48 hours and inactivity is set for three days. 003. no ooc drama, please. plotting is encouraged, but do it with your partners in mind. 004. be inclusive, i can't express how important this is. since there's so little of us, make sure you're spreading your interactions out to every member. 005. this is a m-rated roleplay. is encouraged and acceptable in any room with an M next to it. avoid plotting in pms, since activity is so important. 006. let the admin(s) know when you're leaving. 007. any mention of w**jin will result in an immediate strike. 

make sure to communicate what kind of relationship you anticipate for each couple. example: jisung has had feelings for hyunjin for three months now / hyunjin is seeing changbin and has no idea.
001. character name: han jisung 
002. ooc age: 20.
003. timezone: -7.
004. interested in being an admin: yes/no. 
005. there's no password, don't look for one, just use your brain and follow rules.
bold for taken, italic for avaliable.

bang chan
lee minho / lee know
seo changbin 
hwang hyunjin
han jisung / han
lee felix 
kim seungmin
yang jeongin / i.n



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-pluviophile 1 hour ago
hi, due to some IRL stuff happens, i have to cut down my charas so thank you for all the memories here. I wish you guys get a better jeongin !
-pluviophile 1 week ago
Hi, can i reserve i.n?
i will apply when I'm off work. Thanks
yangyang 2 weeks ago
can i get changbin uvu
iuiuiu [A] 2 weeks ago
Lee Know please? :>
Yeosanggie 2 weeks ago
could i get kim seungmin pls
689c76934f992953088b 2 weeks ago
omg im struggling
which member do admins want the most??
daddysbabygirl [A] 2 weeks ago
Hnghhh I can't help it can I have hwang hyunjin pls ❤️
Jinfinite 2 weeks ago
hey, i'll apply for jeongin, please?
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