★ SPOTLIGHT ★ㅤ —ㅤ ❝ ᴀʟʟ ᴇʏᴇs ᴏɴ ᴍᴇ ❞ㅤ ːㅤ semiau, detailed rpers welcome!ㅤ ㅤ check our latest announcement!

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sptlght roleplay

sptlght roleplay

sptlght roleplay

about us。

about us。

about us。

Everyone knows we idols are basically fake on camera—from the makeup tricks, to the props we use, to the personalities we portray... But what if fans got to see a more personal side to us idols? What if we broke away from the script and showed our true flaws? Our dearest desires? Our deepest, darkest, and dirtiest secrets? Here at Spotlight, we idols get to truly grow comfortable in front of the camera and on social media, and we get to give fans the chance to get to know us better, whether that be through music, dance, or just heart to heart conversations with one another. Of course, we’ll all probably have our guard up regardless, but wouldn’t it be nice to get an idea of what some of your idol “friends” are really like outside of the bull facades they portray?

/ / /

As mentioned above, here at Spotlight RP, we'll get the chance to play our favorite idols, but instead of having to stick to the boring old "I'm a nice and responsible idol" behaviour, you'll be able to give your character a personality of their own and roleplay them using their own social media accounts, making their own vlogs, causing scenes in public at Walmart, and what have you. Here, you get to be an idol, yes, but you get the chance to use your creative side and make something of your character. You get to do pretty much what you want to do.

In this RP, we'll have both regular rooms (basic rooms and city rooms), but we'll also have social media rooms like twitter, facebook, youtube, et cetera. Keep in mind that since this is a Semi AU, you're allowed to change things like your character's background and personality.

This rp is a revamp of my original 2017 version of this rp, but has elements from the second version of this rp made in 2018. For that reason, I don't clearly remember where I was going with this rp, concept wise, but this is a place you guys can kick back and have fun if you want.




⸢ ★ ⸥ disclaimers

We will not accept accounts that are less than 6 months old. If you are on a new account, PM main admin pixels your old account name. If you are a brand new user, you're still welcome to join, but know that we will remove you immediately if you're found lying about that.

We reserve the right to not accept any applications we feel do not meet the standard.

We also reserve the right to remove you from the roleplay for breaking the rules or if we receive a number of complaints about you. We have in place a three-strike system and you will be given a 2 hour notice before you are officially removed unless we deem it necessary to remove you effective immediately.

Do not join this roleplay if you're going to play games and try to leave and come back. After being reaccepted once, we will not welcome you back for a week if you leave again.

If you can't respect the admins, you will not be respected and removed effective immediately.

⸢ ★ ⸥ general rules

Favorite the roleplay, upvote if you really like us, and learn about what you're getting into BEFORE you join the roleplay.

Check the masterlist before you reserve a character, then use the comment format (below). Reservations last 24 hours before your desired FC is up for grabs again. For now, you are allowed one character. You will be able to unlock more further down the road.

If you wish to leave the roleplay, PM an admin. Failure to do so will result in you being banned/blacklisted from the roleplay.

Out of character drama will not be tolerated. Leave your OOC elsewhere and/or handle that in private. Any issues, please report them to an admin or go to your personal PMs instead of publicly discussing them. You will be warned once and/or kicked if found causing drama. Please just be on your best behaviour.

Make sure you are keeping any and all ual conversations and sensitive topics, threads, and images to your own personal walls and PMs. We do not want or need that in any of our chats and rooms that are not rated for that reason.

⸢ ★ ⸥ roleplaying rules

Keep IC and OOC separate. If you wanna break character, do so strictly in the OOC room or on walls/in PMs.

We aim to be a semi-literate to literate roleplay. There should be no text talk or emojis and the like save for in the OOC chat and wherever else appropriate.

We will allow in character drama and such. Just be sure you a) make sure to include trigger warnings for things when appropriate, b) have your partner's consent, and c) keep that out of public spheres. We ask that you add trigger warnings for things like public violence and sensitive discussions, but any heavier things need to be on your walls/in your PMs.

⸢ ★ ⸥ muse rules

We will accept any faceclaim from anywhere of any orientation so long as: a) they are alive in real life, b) they are 19 or older IRL, c) they are not married, and d) they are not an ulzzang, an ig model, a cosplayer, or a youtuber/influencer. If your faceclaim has been involved in a crime (ie: Seungri, Jung Joonyoung, etc) or stated they do not want to be roleplayed (ie: Christian Yu, f(x) Luna), they will also not be accepted.

You may CC all you want, but you have to reapply and may only do so once every two weeks and it will cost you 100 points. Your very first CC is free.

⸢ ★ ⸥ activity rules

Inactivity starts after 15 days of not posting. That means you have 2 weeks, and a 1 day grace period to get active. If you happen to go inactive, you will be kicked without warning. Click here to go on hiatus.

If we see you just posting once every two weeks or have any reason to believe you're just hogging a faceclaim, we will remove you.

Please get at least 10 points in your first two weeks of being here so we know you didn't just join to hog a faceclaim.

⸢ ★ ⸥ relationship rules

Because this is a semi-au based around idol life, dating is not allowed. Likewise, we will not be accepting move-in couples. You may date in secret all you wish, but no one will be officially claimed unless outted IRL (ie: Daniel and Jihyo).

Marriage is not allowed, but pregnancy is for now (excluding mpreg) because of plots and such.




⸢ ★ ⸥ comment format

— "( GROUP + FC ) is ready to shine!"




⸢ ★ ⸥ faceclaim information

— Group
— Faceclaim
— Date of Birth (include the year)
— Age (19+ internationally)

⸢ ★ ⸥ ic information

— Username
— Main Social Platform (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
— Bad Habits (minimum 5)
— Off-camera personality (in at least 5 sentences)

⸢ ★ ⸥ ooc information

— Timezone (in GMT format)
— Realistically, how many threads would you be able to do here?
— Do you have any questions?

our staff。

our staff。

our staff。


Admin type: head admin.

Time zone: Gmt -7.

activity level: 60 / 100.


Admin type: co-admin.

Time zone: Gmt +8.

activity level: 65 / 100.


Admin type: co-admin.

Time zone: Gmt -3.

activity level: 34 / 100.


Admin type: co-admin.

Time zone: Gmt +10.

activity level: 79 / 100.


Admin type: co-admin.

Time zone: Gmt -5.

activity level: 100 / 100.



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insert 5 gun emojis
friendly reminder to read the rules before you comment!!
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park jimin please?
JiminieMouse 2 days ago
Jeon Jungkook please
regulus 1 week ago
oh my girl's yoo shiah (yooa) is ready to shine ✧・゚:*
SJV1144 1 week ago
The boyz’s lee juyeon is ready to shine
SJV1144 1 week ago
may i have lee juyeon pls? uwu
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nct's kim dongyoung (doyoung) is ready to shine!
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NCT's Nakamoto Yuta is ready to shine
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wekimeki's kim doyeon is ready to shine! (੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ *‧.₊
primavera 2 weeks ago
haha...sorry my reservation expired may I make another ;;u;;
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