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created by hissra
est. 2020
section ╱ here
ft vampyre
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ft lycan
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section ╱ infobox
the war between vampyre and lycan has been raging for centuries upon centuries.what was first a series of bloody massacres that would decimate entire kingdoms at a time, soon began to draw unwanted attention from human royalty and nobles, who then became suspicious of their Vampyre neighbors. Both ancient species knew that too much exposure to humanity would pose a greater, lasting threat. And so, the battles moved to the night, under the cover of the dark, starry sky. Vampyres have, over the years, pushed Lycans to the very brink of extinction, forcing them into hiding after one last, brutal slaughter that left their beloved alpha dead. As the Lycans scattered, the Vampyres celebrated their victory, and yet again, underestimated their opponent.

Year 2020, Arcani Heights; a city the Vampyres have ruled from the shadows for decades, right under humanity’s nose. This once historical beauty is now a modern, bustling city, and the residents have also adjusted, their decadent way of life aside, they have one goal to truly end the struggle between Vampyre and Lycan: exterminate every remaining lycan. Though they believed they’ve won, in order to ensure the true erasure of the Lycan species from the earth and to stop future clans from forming from the surviving creatures, Vampyre warriors turned assassins known as Death Dealers hunt them down, and kill them off: one by one. What the elders don’t know, however, is just how many lycans survived the final battle; hundreds. Thriving beneath the city, rebuilding their clan with a new alpha, equally as ruthless and determined as his predecessor to shift the battlefield in the Lycan favor, by any means necessary. Let the blood wars continue.

Awakening roleplay is a supernatural themed au rp that is heavily influenced by the underworld series. Arcani heights is a fictional city, located in a fictional country, for the sake of the roleplay; to allow characters from all over the globe without the worry of a language barrier. We aim to be a fun and exciting group based on random, though frequent, plot drops in order to keep the main plot alive with abrupt shifts in rp atmosphere depending on the event. Other, larger events will still occur from time to time, as well. We open our arms to be a safe, and friendly ooc circle that feels more like a family than anything, while also boasting intricate and exciting plotting opportunities. We welcome you to the blood wars.
section ╱ events
party of
run by the ADMIN team
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section ╱ rules

 basic rules & guildelines

one. favoriting and upvoting are both mandatory prior to reserving. if you, for some reason, cannot upvote, let us know in the comments.  

two. absolutely no ooc drama will be tolerated in this roleplay whatsoever. if you feel as though you are being harassed, feel uncomfortable, or otherwise feel targeted by anyone for any reason, contact an admin privately and we will handle it immediately.

three.  this is an au roleplay; your characters are not celebrities, so please keep all ooc speak limited and in brackets; no fourth wall breaking either, please!

four. keep all in the appropriate rooms (residences, walls, pms, etc)  

five. to avoid the possibility of any character hogging, you will be required to have profile information up within five days of joining; we do not require anything fancy, but there must be plenty of information to allow others to confidently approach you for plotting.


 character rules & guildelines

one. second characters available after an ad blog, and third once both previous characters reach 200 points, as long as they are both active.   

two. no deceased, problematic, or underage characters (must be at least 18 years of age internationally). likewise, we don't allow using people who have explicitly asked not to be roleplayed. social media influencers with followings below 100k are treated on a case to case basis, so ask the admin line if you're looking to use one of these faces.

three. no bubble roleplaying, and no cliques! include yourself as well as making sure to include others!

four. there is a dating ban of seven days, no move in couples, please! major plots like marriage, pregnancy, etc are to be approved by an admin beforehand.  

five. this roleplay will be heavily driven by plot drops; random and sudden occurences that will shfit the atmosphere of the roleplay frequently instead of long, drawn out events. the admin team wants to encourage everyone to volunteer to be part of the plot drops whenever you're applicable! it'll be a great way to become more involved in the roleplay, and perhaps connect with new people as well!


  activity rules & guildelines

one. inactivity is set to five days. you will receive one warning, and have 48 hours to become active again before you are removed for inactivity.   

two. because we would like an active environment, you must acquire at least 100 points within the first five days as well. we know that aus mostly house literate writers, not to mention everyone has their own life outside of rpr, so that is why we are giving you the option of gaining activity points via the brainstorming/musing room as well. do not spam any room, whatsoever.

three. hiatuses last for a maximum of two weeks, and are only permitted after at least a week of steady activity in the roleplay, to ensure no character hogging takes place. semi hiatus may last up to a month as long as you check in every now and then to knock the inactive sign off or keep the admins updated on your situation. hiatus are granted through the hiatus room only.

four. pm an admin (one admin only) if you plan on leaving. do not comment on the roleplay  

summarize the most important rule (in your opinion) for the password.

bonus. with any of the rules mentioned on this page, you will receive one warning. a second violation results in the immediate removal from our masterlist, but you may return (depending on how severe the offense is). if another violation occurs, you will be removed immediately with your access to the rp permanently denied. 

section ╱ application
full name
date of birth
species / position
admin╱ one
hyojin ahn
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admin╱ two
yuta nakamoto
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admin ╱ theree
selena gomez
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admin ╱ four
sehun oh
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admin ╱ five
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toothlessplanet 3 hours ago
Kim Chungha as my third please :3
Squiddly 15 hours ago
Hey I just wanted to check whether you allow av actresses? You're rules didn't explicitly state anything but I'm not certain of this muses social media following
kiszkas [A] 4 days ago
❛ chanyeol park ᶜˡᵃᵘᵈᵉ ᵖᵘʳᵉˡˡᵉ 1 minute ago Reply
This rp is literally a necromancer. Bringing my muse back to life
xGummyPandax 4 days ago
Is there something you guys need?
Maybe more men or women or maybe species?
A doctor figure or a big baddie?
sprezzatura [A] 5 days ago
❛ felix lee12:08:28 AMReply
i love you guys and i love this rp so ing much god i'm so glad i decided to join
kiszkas [A] 5 days ago
❛ felix lee12:08:29 AMReply
i love you guys and i love this rp so ing much god i'm so glad i decided to join
Sicccieloooo 6 days ago
I want to join
kiszkas [A] 1 week ago
❛ jaehyun jung ᵃˡᵖʰᵃ11:08:37 PMReply
voyeurs, all of you
conangray 1 week ago
hi! since i'm indecisive,,, lee hayi or chungha? or a male if they're needed more? : D
self-love 1 week ago
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