punky's ™ spooky mansion ☠ Ⅹ my glasses...i cant see without my glasses Ⅹ

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❛ punkys spooky mansion
❛ punkys spooky mansion
❛ punkys spooky mansion
established 14.october.2020
roleplay type — semiau, nonau
newest member — here
feature date — 00.month.2020
Just like everyday we exist, it's time for the spooky scary skeletons to come out and give us all what we've been waiting for.
but the question is...are you ready for a scare?
rule one :: favorite is necessary, upvote is appreciated
rule two :: all conversations must be appropriate to their room, i.e. rated talk in rated room, soft talk in soft room. for casual chat if you find yourself getting rated step over to rated.
rule three :: ooc drama not allowed. ic plotted drama is allowed. any ooc needs to be handled behind closed doors if you need backing of course an admin will assist if need be. what youre looking for is what is a fear of yours.
rule four :: three characters allowed; 1st: free, 2nd: upvote + blog ad OR invite a friend and have them include in their app that you brought them over, 3rd: 300 points for both. Cant be the same group for any characters. Internationals are welcomed
rule five :: inactivity set at 10 days. first warning: 2 days to fix it, second warning: kicked but you can reapply. request a hiatus in the request room. if leaving pm an admin. do not leave a comment, re-added if done incorrectly.
rule six :: NO ualizing minors, no banned faceclaims aka deceased, problematic, or people who dont wish to be roleplayed.
rule seven :: not a rule but I hope you're ready for some spooks.
rule eight :: also not a rule but I'm a punk too if you aren't no worries. 
full name :: put here
age :: here
group :: here
orientation :: here
timezone :: here
password :: here
extra :: i.e. nay brought me here, (for ppl who dont make a blog post)
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LilacTears 1 day ago
May I get Kim Wooseok?
dimsum 1 day ago
jeon heejin pls?
cinnabunns 2 days ago
Can someone delete that comment? I prewrite the application before pasting it in application

And i am dumb and pressed post comment
cinnabunns 2 days ago
ooh spooky! can i have kim sori? Please~♡
Just_Nao 2 days ago
min yoongi pls :)
YeolMun 4 days ago
Kim jongin ig :*
daddyslittleprincess 5 days ago
I would say chingues but yaLL RATS
daddyslittleprincess 5 days ago
I thank the lordT for giving me freedom from this heLL
radeon 5 days ago
cho seungyoun 2 minutes ago Reply
cho seungyoun 7 seconds ago Reply
cho seungyoun 2 minutes ago Reply
madmins gimme taeyong
molani 6 days ago
i is summoned by a demon(etize) to annoy a (mode)rat(o)

kang hyewon por favor
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