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  if you can't take a joke, this isn't the place for you. we're just here for the bants.
1. favourite is a must, upvote is optional but appreciated. make sure to check the masterlist for desired character before commenting the full name down below.
2. all orientations are welcomed. there’s no dating ban but please talk to everyone around you and make them feel included.
3. any and all characters are welcomed to join the rp except those who are deceased, problematic, underage. that being said, we also prohibit the roleplaying of idols who have personally asked not to be rped, respect their wishes thank you.
4. Drama. Ic drama is allowed as long as it’s been agreed between both parties. please be aware of the limits. ooc drama, however, will not be tolerated.
5. 2 characters is the limit. first is free, second you can get after a blog. the password is your credit card number (fake it till you make it fam) okno. Shsjjd what's yOur go to game atm?
6. explicit talks remain in rated room but please be mindful of what you say. this, however, does not give you the free card to in rooms. keep it in walls and pms.
7. leaving? need a hiatus? contact the admins via pm. inactivity signs will appear after 7 days, you’ll receive two warnings before removal.
8. sit back, relax and have fun fam.

password :


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wassowasso 2 days ago
damn this sounds so chaotic and messy :///

can i get lee taemin?
radeon 2 days ago
taeyong avail?
vanillanicotine 2 days ago
lucy or lua from weki meki SDJNFDKSFN
JiminieMouse 2 days ago
Park jimin please
spoopymod 2 days ago

a&r lee gahyeon : D
baby-groot 2 days ago
Heize or sorn?
boonanii 2 days ago
can i be blue
kaibongs 2 days ago
im nayeon pls
magneticc 2 days ago
-Aymeric 3 days ago
can i be a pickle
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