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❛ let's link!
❛ let's link!
❛ let's link!
established 28.october.2020
roleplay type — non-au
newest member — n/a
feature date — pfft.. yeah right
i like youuuu~ idgaf about your boyfriend come on let's link-

okay let me not sing that whole tik tok song. anyways children, ladies, gentlemen, boys and gals; this is a non-au roleplay featuring my your favorite groups. exo, nct, and skz. honestly i have no idea why i created this roleplay, simply bc i was bored and was like in the mood to create one.

if you're interested in joining this mad house you can comment the character you want below! this roleplay is a first come, first serve so claim your character while they're available!

oh and yes... shotaro and sungchan will be included in this roleplay BC NCT 2020 BABY!!!!

i tried to be as aesthetic as possible with the ing rp layout but obviously this looks like trash.
rule one :: favorite the roleplay upvoting is appreciated but not required.
rule two :: one character per person wheezes
rule three :: y time stays in the pms or walls. if you happen to stalk walls and come across someone doing the "do" well... it's your own fault for being so nosy-
rule four :: sighs i believe we all know this one: no ooc drama.
rule five :: this admin is really bad at keeping up with activity checks, considering that they are rarely even online. so activity checks will be like... idk on the 15th of each month? but like if you're not active in like 5 days coughs you will be warned twice then kicked to the crub bro
rule six :: you're probably wondering where the password is at? the password is 2020
rule seven :: idk if i said this or not but this roleplay is a first first served- i mean first come! first serve uwu;;
rule eight :: this is just a filler and a statement: johnny is daddy. idk why i said that, im typing this with less than an hour of sleep. i need to go to bed.
full name :: put here
age :: here
group :: here
orientation :: here
timezone :: here
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extra :: here
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iuiuiu 3 weeks ago
could i snatch up yangyang please?
jerapah 4 weeks ago
hi hello annyeong kim jungwoo pls, thank you <3
moonflower 4 weeks ago
han jisung please
0145774f5788b1bbba69 1 month ago
Can I have Wong Yukhei please bubs ( ˘ ³˘)♥
-pluviophile 1 month ago
oh sehun please
bemore- 1 month ago
kim jongin pls ♥
7bf3aeb37a80aa98627f 1 month ago
fucc it, can i get liu yangyang please?
YeolMun 1 month ago
Park chanyeol jsy
CuteCorpse 1 month ago
hwang hyunjin please~
toothlessplanet 1 month ago
aight john suh pls
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